Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tips on Grocery Shopping in Jeddah

People residing in Jeddah for anything to purpose surely visit grocery stores for purchase of house hold products and food items. No matter you are visiting a grand store or a small shopping mall; all of them have basic products with little variety. You better have an idea regarding guideline how to manage shopping at grocery stores of Jeddah. Grocery stores in Jeddah are better versions of Stop shops from where one can buy all necessary food items and other household products. These stores have spacious areas for parking of cars and are famous for their quality as well as quantity. There grocery stores in Jeddah are mini marts of western styles. They provide you with every-thing one wants less than one roof and saves you from moving here and there in the quest of grocery items.

They offer all kind of food items and fresh vegetables and fruits with imported qualities and varieties. The common market allocated for food and vegetables is situated in Eastern side of Jeddah which is commonly known as “Halaga”. It is an open area with food stalls having all kinds of varieties of Food items. Besides these vegetable and fruit markets, super markets are best place to buy food items with different kinds of fresh items at reasonable prices. A buyer should buy these items from local markets of fruits and vegetable. By building trust and familiarity people may enjoy discount in prices.

Meat and poultry items have always been subjected to authenticity and hygienic capabilities. People usually hesitate while purchasing meat and fish from all markets owing to its freshness and reliability as healthy food items. Grocery stores in Jeddha offer high quality clean and fresh meat and poultry items. Tony G in Al badriah Center and le boucherat in Abdul masood Khoja Street are famous meat market for imported and healthy meat and poultry products. Besides these places, local butcher shops in Jeddah surrounding are famous for their clean and fresh meat. People better have to an understanding of butcher. The more conscious a butcher is, the cleaner his meat would be.

Fish lovers are everywhere. It is of grave importance to get to know about most reliable fish market in Jeddah.  Visiting Jeddah Fish Market (Bangala) is a must for fish lovers. It is located in Al- Bagdadiyah, Al-Gharbiyah. Besides this market, supermarkets are another big source for all varieties of fish and seafood such as lobster, shrimp, crab and other sea foods. People who are deadly fond of fishes and sea food needs to be hasty regarding new lot of stock arriving in market. As there applies simple rule of come first, get first.

For bakery and related items there are various branches of Gourmet bakers in Jeddah surrounding. Danube is famous for different varieties of breads and Refaat is among best bakers of Jeddah Middle East bakeries. You can choose any of the places at you convenience and ease in order to enjoy fresh and lavish bakery items.

For pulses and rice Abazeer is a common wholesale food store for all kind of pulses, rice varieties and canned food items. A new branch of Abazeer is opened in Sultan Street next to Marble slab Danube and supermarket of Jeddah offer a wide variety of frozen food items and diet food. There you can find any kind of baked food items and sandwiches. People who are natives of Jeddah are normally aware of common places for all kind of shopping but those who are expats need to be little bit cautious in order to avail full utility of their money.

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