Monday, January 5, 2015

Tips to get Permanent Family Visa for Father and Mother

Saudi Arabia is said to be a very dry place to live due to scarce sources of entertainment available to the residents. You know, a bachelor cannot even enter to shopping malls during weekends in Saudi Arabia. In this situation, the only entertainment available to someone is your family. If your family is here, you can spend some quality time. We have already shared an article with our reader for the procedure to bring family here in Saudi Arabia on permanent family visa. Today, we shall be discussing about the procedure to bring father and mother on permanent family visa. Legally, if your profession on iqama entitles you to bring your family to Saudi Arabia, you can apply for permanent family visa even for your mother and father as well. But you know, the reality is not always same as it is presented.

Tips to get Permanent Family Visa for Father and Mother
  1. The procedure to apply for permanent family visa for father and mother is same as to apply it for children and wife with few exceptions. I will not be explaining the procedure in detail again and request you to seek guidance from this link “Procedure to Apply for Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia
  2. You cannot apply for permanent family visa for your parents if you are single. You need to be married to apply for it.
  3. When you reach to the window in front of Jawazat office, you will have to convince him to allow you to bring your parents to Saudi Arabia. Following reasons are generally acceptable by the Jawazat officers to bring mother and father on permanent family visa. One of readers have commented that Court attested document stating that mother is alone and nobody is there to take care of her is required, it should be attested by Saudi embassy from your country and after that the documents should be attested by MOFA from Saudi Arabia.
    • Your mother, father or both are alone in your home country and there is no one to take care of them.
    • If they are very sick, it can also be a good reason for bringing them in Saudi Arabia. You can take some medical reports with you.
    • If you don’t have any other brother to take care of your parents in your home country, it can be a plus point. Just mention it in front of the officer.
    • If one of your parents, (mother or father) has passed away and other one is still alive. Mention this fact that your mother or father is living all alone in your home country after death of the other parent.
    • Never say anything like your parents want to come here to see Makkah and Madina. They don’t like words like this.
  4. It is better if your take the government relations officer of your company along with you. In order to convince Jawazat officer, you need to have good grip upon Arabic language. If he does not agree with it, take someone with you who has good command in speaking Arabic most preferably some Saudi friend.
  5. The application to apply for permanent family visa for mother and father is turned down in 95% cases just because of the problems I have mentioned above. Most of the expatriates don’t speak proper Arabic and unable to convince the Jawazat officer.

Take care of the points I have mentioned above and apply for the permanent family visa of your mother and father. Please share your experience of getting or not getting permanent family visa for your mother and father in the comments below. If permanent family visa for your parents is rejected, keep in mind that applying for visit visa online is always a solution for you.


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