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Tips to Protect Yourself from Canadian Immigration Fraud

People now dream to seek greener pastures in Canada simply by immigrating together with their families. What problems usually occur while making these transfers is Fraud mainly? To Migrate there are certain procedures that need to be followed. It involves applications and processes including requisites, not to mention agencies that need to be communicated with. It is always good to know the risks and dangers that one may have to face whole immigrating to Canada particularly. For any job or work it's always good to talk to the right people making sure everything is done in a legitimate manner. These are the things that can guarantee a safe transfer with all benefits entirely in your favor. Listed below are some rules which hopefully will be of good help to you;

Types of Fraud in Canadian Immigration
  1. Email and internet Canada immigration fraud: You may often find advertisements of certain websites that seem legitimate offering the opportunity to migrate to Canada. Most of the times you simply may receive email asking you to send in your resume and personal details for immigrating to Canada. However most of this is not even true. It's simply a scam to get hold of your cash and nothing more. Your personal details can be used against you and leave you in a lot of trouble.
  2. Document fraud: Some people are provided with all documents which eventually turn out to be falsified. This puts the individual in great danger for being criminally liable under Canadian law. There are some people who are caught way before travelling to Canada for carrying falsified documents.
  3. Work abroad scams: Some individuals set up companies fictitiously and offer people jobs in Canada. Once the transactions have been done regarding application fees and processing the whole company will suddenly disappear leaving you with less money. Never fall into such traps. This way you may also lose your original documents regarding visas and passport.
  4. Adoption and marriage fraud: You may not have heard of this before but this has happened much time to certain individuals. In this case some individuals offer people online which they have met using social networking sites, the opportunity to settle in Canada. People may be asked for marriage or adoption in exchange for a certain amount. Getting married to a Canadian Citizen or being adopted will open up the opportunity of getting the Canadian Nationality yourself. However once they receive the cash, the individual disappears and one can never retrace them.

Tips to Avoid Canadian Immigration Fraud
  1. Migrate legitimately: It is always good to be honest and stay from anything that is illegal especially aiming to move to Canada. Canada Immigration Fraud is punishable by deportation and being banned from returning ever. Canadian laws if violated, can cause harmful consequences thus make sure you do not get yourself involved in anything that involves you to be subjected to any threats. Make sure you do not falsify any documents trying to save time. Make sure you go to the right people and if anyone suggests you to do so, immediately leave their company. Make arrangements according to what the laws have stipulated.
  2. Look out for warning signs: Make sure you do not share any valid information or anything important with a stranger online. Do not believe on any promises that they make without collateral or any supporting documents. If they do so, make sure you break all ties with them as soon as possible and report them to the authorities. You don't know what kind of criminal he or she may be and what kind of schemes they have played up in the past. Always be careful of all those individuals who want to know your payment details and when you get your payment. These individuals may try to access your payment unlawfully or illegally.
  3. Do not hand out personal information: Never give out your credit card number, any sort of personal information, contact number or address to anyone online. Over the years, many people have lost their identity and lots of money by trusting unknown individuals over the internet. They had no idea who they were dealing with and they were left in a compromising situation.
  4. Reporting fraud: The Final and most important thing are to ensure that other people remain safe from such situations. If you are aware of any such agencies or individuals that make arrangements for people to travel to Canada or yet alone even suspect them contact the police immediately and let them know whatever you know. To help you out with this you may seek help from the right agencies who can guide you through all of this properly. You may also file a report of any related scams to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre.

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