Tuesday, January 27, 2015

7 Tips to save Money while Travelling out of Saudi Arabia

Traveling refers to exploring places, visiting sites and having a good time. It may be due to some business deal or vacations. Vacations are always fun and traveling is exciting. Everyone loves traveling around the world. It is adventurous and you gain new experiences. You get to know different people and about different cultures and increase your knowledge. Not everyone can afford traveling to beautiful places and planning vacations. This needs budget planning. The rising inflation and expensive tickets and all the expenses are hurdle in traveling. There must be proper budget planning and calculation to make your trip a successful one with more traveling, fun and enjoyment and less expenditure and luggage. Following are some important tips which might be of benefit while traveling:

Tips to save Money while Travelling out of KSA
  1. Cut down budget-travel yourself: One can just avoid hiring tour guides to take you to places. It’s just unnecessary in today’s world where you can easily explore and discover places yourself. Avoiding spending for hiring guide will help you save a lot which you can use at some other place. Search on internet, surf websites, join tour forums and collect reviews from people who already visited that place and plan accordingly. This will allow you to explore according to your convenience and that too in less budget.
  2. Food planning: Food takes most of the budget. When traveling, the most expensive thing is food because you don’t know about that place and the cheapest food item over there. Also after money value conversion it might get expensive. So it’s always better to travel with less clothes and more food, preferably dry food stuff should be packed in luggage for traveling. Tin packed food and frozen food might help as well. You can use this food while you travel, cutting down your expenses spent on food. If you don’t want to carry food, always go for the multinational food chains like Pizza Hut, Burger King, and McDonalds etc. You will get it in the same price as you pay in your own country.
  3. Ticketing: Plan your vacations 1-2 months in advance. This will allow you to keep a check on websites with discounts on tickets or packages which will cost you really less. Also it’s seen that tickets are very cheap when you buy those months in advance as compared to getting them really close to the date of traveling. Also connecting flights and round trip tickets are bit cheaper. Subscribe to many airlines newsletters so that you are the first one to know about the promotions of Airlines. Travelling through the budget airlines like Flynas in Saudi Arabia can also cut your ticket expenses. The period in which you travel can also help you cut down your expenses. For example, you can buy cheap airline tickets to European and American countries during winter. Some days ago, Saudi Airline was offering return ticket from Jeddah to New York for SR 2,500/-. Normal price is more than SR 4,000/-
  4. Travel light: Pack in less stuff in your bags and avoid oversized bags as it’ll charge you extra on airport. Some budget airlines offer you discount if you just want to travel with handbags. In this way, you can cut down travelling expenses. If you are travelling for 3,4 days, why do you need extra luggage?
  5. Car rentals: Avoid using rent-a-car and taxis because it will cost you more. Or if you are traveling through these, try to get smallest car possible to avoid extra expenditure on its gas. Use public transport which is the cheapest and allows you to communicate with the local people, which may help you find more good spots. Travel during night for long trips to save time and money for accommodation. If the place is near, walk till there.
  6. Local prepaid Sims: For connectivity use local prepaid Sims which will cost you very less instead of getting tons of roaming charges by your own telecom company. But if you are going to a country where nobody knows you, I think getting local SIM is a waste of money. Keep your number active in roaming and receive only selected calls.
  7. Off Season: Plan your vacations when it is not New Year or any festival/occasion. You’ll get less prices and less crowd on almost everything/everywhere.


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