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Top 10 Beaches in the Middle East

In this read I've narrowed down for the top beaches situated in the Middle East that should be your ideal locations to spend of the summer break or the Eid Holidays. The beaches that are listed below will surely knock you down as we have picked the ones which have boast smooth sand, pleasant waters and extremely high quality tourist attractions. Hopefully you'll have a wide list to choose from the next time you make plans to visit a beach.

Dalwasiya Beach in Socotra, Yemen
On number one I have for you Dalwasiya Beach in Socotra, Yemen. This beach is on the Island of Socotra which suites the people who are looking for an unadulterated barefoot luxury. This offers Dynamic views of landscapes with long blue waters and fine sand.

Aqaba Beach in Jordan
One number two in my list is Aqaba Beach in Jordan. This beach will be pointed towards by many pedants but there is a little need for early morning towels and sun lounges. This is the only link of Jordan to the Sea and thus is the country's luxury resorts and hotels. You will not find any shortage of things to do here.

Emirates Palace Beach in Abu Dhabi
Next one I have for you Emirates Palace Beach in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This beach alongside it has the most beautiful hotels in the world and enigmatic gulf of the Persian on the other.  It seemed almost impossible to miss this beach out from the list. This beach won't even leave birdwatchers upset since this place is frequented by migratory birds.

Jumeira Beach situated in Dubai
Next up is Jumeira Beach situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates again. With this beach I'd like to say that the beaches of the United Arab Emitates will never fail to impress you. Jumeira Beach that is situated close to Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destination. However what really is unique and exceptional about this beach is that it has managed to maintain its cleanliness no matter how many visitors it has to accompany every single day. This beach will and can be used for swimming with low tides and calm waves. So now you'll know where to take your children for swimming classes.

Duraz Beach situated in Bahrain
Next up is the Duraz Beach situated in Bahrain. This kingdom houses along the beach since it is an island but despite that Duraz managed to stand out of the crowd. It has breath taking sunset views with plenty of fishing opportunities. This beach becomes the ideal location without going too far away from the city.

Jebel Ali Beach in UAE
Next up on number four I have the Jebel Ali Beach again in the United Arab Emirates. When you take a walk along this beach the sand changes from pearly white to granite grey however the water remains blue. The sand is the exceptional thing about this beach that is slowly eroding into the waters creating s translucent blue color near the shore.

Qurum Beach in Muscat, Oman
Next one I have Qurum Beach in Muscat, Oman. It is one of the most popular beaches in Southern Arabia with no possible shortage of activities including surfing, fishing, sailing and a beautiful background view with lush palm treas.

Marina Beach in Salmiyah, Kuwait
Next one we have Marina Beach in Salmiyah, Kuwait. This beach is hardly undiscovered however the astonishing city background with the clean sand and crazy wild waves provides a beautiful setting for city dwellers and flock here each and every week.

Katara Beach in Doha, Qatar
Next up is Katara Beach in Doha, Qatar. Qatar on a single strike has many fantastic beaches though they are most isolated. The exceptional thing here is this Katara Beach that is surrounded by low ride hotels alongside the white sand and gently shelving waters accompanied by some amazing restaurants.

Farasan Island Beach in Saudi Arabia
Have you heard about the Farasan Island Beach in Saudi Arabia? Because if you haven’t then I would love to break the ice! This beach has azure waters and sugar fine white sand. This is the perfect definition of an idyllic island beach with the exception of the crowds. I hope this Article doesn't fail to provide you with enough details. Enjoy!

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