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Top 10 Restaurants in Dammam / Al-Khobar

La Gondola
The top restaurant in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia came up to be the Italian, casual dining restaurant by the name of ‘La Gondola’ which is very famous within the people of the area. This place is highly popular amongst the locals whether being families or couples. It offers you the ideal location to dine in with great food and amazing service. This is highly praised by the people because of the authentic dishes they serve that are prepared by the head chef, Mr. Raffa. He has accomplished well in bringing out the true essence of Italy. The staff is very helpful and the food to price ratio seems to be quite fair. It is a must visit restaurant when you are located in Al Khobar.

Outback Steakhouse
Outback Steakhouse is a chain of United States casual restaurants which serve American dishes and flavors but with an additional twist of Aussie. This restaurant is very much popular amongst families and the singles. This restaurant has two branches in Al Khobar, one situated in Mall of Dhahran and the other at Fouad Centre. The most appetizing dish served is the Bloomin' Onion which is taken from the traditional onion rings by frying a whole onion, served with a mouthwatering dip.

Gulf Royal Chinese
Gulf Royal Chinese is a very old restaurant that serves authentic Chinese dishes for a very long time now. The reason is well known that it seems to be the perfect place to enjoy Chinese food. The decor at the restaurant is appealing with fish tanks surrounding the whole compound. This restaurant is situated inside Rashid Mall, Al Khobar.

Paul Restaurant
Fan of the French? Cafe Paul offers you the right choice to satisfy your taste buds. This is an absolute ‘talk of the town’ because of their patisserie and breads served inside the bakery. Along with this they also serve main dishes, salads and soups. Again, you'll find Paul inside Mall of Dhahran, Al Khobar.

Chilli’s Restaurant
Living in Saudi Arabia will give you thoughts that maybe you may only find dishes that are common amongst Muslim households. Maybe you've been fooled because Chili’s will fully satisfy you if you are in need of hamburgers. This is the famous chain of United States which serves complete American Casual Dishes. This place is very much popular amongst the kids and teens. This place has their own special cocktails, nachos, mash and gravy and fried chicken, burgers (of course) and for dessert molten lava cake! There are two branches inside, each in Mall of Dhahran and Corniche Road, Al Khobar.

Blue Strawberry
Blue Strawberry might just not have the catchiest name but it sure catches the attention of many of the expats. This restaurant serves not just one cuisine but dishes from around the world. Because of this it has been an award winning restaurant highly praised by the people. This restaurant is located in the Rezayat Village Compound in Al Khobar.

The Steak House
The Steak House has always pleased the diners at their restaurant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for more than twenty years now. This American Style restaurant has been winning many awards for the best casual dining place in Saudi Arabia. What is so special of this place is the salad and soup cart along with the children’s play area opposite to the dining room. Along with this the restaurant offers free kids meals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to keep bringing in happy customers. They also have a very unique way of cooking your steak in front of you on heated marble slabs. This place will certainly fulfill your stomach needs.

Mangiamo Italian restaurant
This is a very sophisticated restaurant that serves Italian and pizzeria. The dishes are authentically prepared by an Italian Chef who delivers food of great high standard. The decorations are the typical stylish trattoria in Italy, located on King Faisal Road. The service here is impeccable and will truly satisfy you well!

Soul Kitchen
The Soul Kitchen has a very wide menu that offers food like sushi, steak and seafood. This restaurant is especially famous for serving freshly prepared sushi along with fresh fish dishes. The dishes here are served in many different styles. The location for the Restaurant is Faisal Bin Fahd Road, Al Khobar.

Piatto Restaurant
This is the third Italian Restaurant that I couldn't miss out on our top ten because of the delicious food and the relaxing atmosphere. Situated in Fouad Centre, this restaurant serves delicious pizzas and Italian dishes that can be much enjoyed casually. They offer complimentary salad bowls and garlic bread for their diners. They also have homemade gelato that becomes a part of their highlights. This particular restaurant gives you the perfect description of pleasure.

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