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Top 5 Filipino Dishes served in Saudi Arabia

When you move into another city or country one of the major things that you need to adjust to is the food and cuisine that is served there and the amount of habits that you have to compromise with. In Saudi Arabia there are Filipino Foods that have served many people and citizens. For this you don't generally have to be a Filipino to enjoy the cuisine. In today’s read I'll be bringing about to you some top dishes and different places that serve Filipino Food. Filipinos are found most in Saudi Arabia among middles east countries thus it became pretty necessary for Saudi Arabia to open up some restaurants that could cater them well. Filipinos are used to eating at home and eating traditional dishes that are prepared by their family thus when they move into Saudi Arabia it becomes very difficult to adopt to the cuisine style here. However there are a few Filipino restaurants that bring about the true essence of their food. Some top filpino dishes available in the restaurants of Saudi Arabia are;

  1. Kare-Kare: One such dish is Kare-Kare which is a dish comprising of stewed oxtail and different vegetables including eggplant, cabbage and green beans. This has a flavor of roasted peanuts or peanut butter. The variation in this dish however is the use of Beef meat and it is served in Batha and Dampa restaurants in Suleimania.
  2. SigSig: Next up is SigSig that is made from pork. Since pork isn't allowed in Saudi Arabia thus the variation is chicken and beef meat is used while making this dish in Saudi Arabia. The seasoning comprises of calamines and chili peppers. This dish is served at Blue Ribbon Restaurant in Suleiman and La Paz Botchy.
  3. Pancit: One other most popular dish served at Blue Ribbon is Pancit that are basically Filipino noodles. These noodles are available in many variations depending upon their different regions. It is better served with salt bread that gives this dish its extra pleasure.
  4. Sinigagng: is a soup of meat and vegetables that is usually served in the cold weather. The soup comprises of flavors of both sour and savory. For this you'll need to go to Goodah Soos Restaurant situated in Suleimania and La Paz Batchoy.
  5. Chicken Barbecue: One of my personal favorite is Chicken Barbecue that comprises of chicken being marinated and grilled. The major flavors are scrubbing the chicken with different spices leaving it marinated for hours for a better taste. This isn't a Filipino dish originally but is served in many of them because of its popularity!

Cost Estimation at Filipino Restaurants
Something extremely important to note is the cost and estimation of prices at Filipino restaurants. For your convenience I've compiled together a little log that will give you a better idea of the price range for certain restaurants.

  1. On this first is Inihaw Kamayan Grill House that is a casual Asian restaurant located in Jeddah where the range for Price varies from SR 15-30 per person. This restaurant offers catering and delivery services as well.
  2. Centennial is a take away service where the price range varies from SR 5-20.
  3. Wajbah is one of the most expensive take away restaurants where the highest dish goes up to SR 50. It is most popular for itself Filipino cuisine but Asian cuisine is pretty good too!

The above content was initially published on The Pink Tarha

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