Thursday, January 15, 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Western Union for Remittance

The Western Union is an International money transfer and money order company founded in Colorado, United States in 1851. This is a financial service company whose revenues have been quite impressive over the years. According to reports its annual revenue was nearly $5.2 billion in 2010. Although the Western Union is found to be the leader of money transfer service and companies around the globe, the company has now begun to face onslaught of complaints due to its poor customer service and lack of proper security. To help you readers I have jotted down a few reasons why one should avoid Western Union. I hope this will prove to be quite helpful.

Top Reasons to Avoid Western Union for Remittance

  1. Western Union has poor security measures: In several reports it has been noticed that Western Union has been caught engaged in frauds and scams. The company has obviously denied the claims and has stated that they have not been involved in any acts of fraud directly. This would make one wonder whether they are involved indirectly.
  2. There are experiences of racial discrimination among Western Union agents: After taking into consideration of many unverified sources who have stated that some Western Union agents usually reluctant and try to avoid processing money transaction if the recipient of the money is an Arab or someone with a similar background.
  3. When purchasing products online, do not use Western Union’s money transfer service: On many instances, it has been complained that after ordering online, paying through Western Union the money gets stolen and the goods are never delivered. In this current era ordering online has become a trend. One or the other is placing orders online, you wouldn't want to be subjected to any such act.
  4. Besides lack of security, Western Union is also known for poor and bad customer services: Customer Service can either give fame to the smallest company or becomes the reason for the downfall of the biggest company. Agents at Western Union make their customers wait for hours. At time they delay their transactions. People who wish to call on their toll free customer service have to listen to the machine for hours because the phones aren't manned all the time. The Phones keep ringing for hours and the enquiries remain unanswered.
  5. Website Errors: There have been plenty of errors in currency exchange in the Western Union website over the years as well. People have in fact noticed enormous statistical reports that shouldn't have been related to a money transfer company. There have been a lot of Mixing up of currencies.

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