Sunday, January 25, 2015

8 Tricks to Avoid Late Sittings at Work

Sometimes you may have lost your willpower to leave the office when the clock strikes 6. After working timing you may feel that you have to complete an incomplete report or any task. May be your colleague's presence compels you to stay in office till long time. Or you might have got addicted to work late night at the office, this will negatively affect both your professional and personal life, you may demonstrate signs of WORKAHOLISM. Remember workaholics are not always job workers who enjoy their work, or people who are best at their jobs. If anybody at work insists you to work late and you cannot just deny him or her, or it has become your habit to stay late in office, I think you should try one of the following mentioned tricks. I am sure one of them will work.

Tricks to Avoid Late Sittings at Work
  1. Have a family member call you: If you get a call from your any family member like your daughter, your children, spouse or any of your friend, it will be the motivating to stop working and leave the office after hearing the voice of your daughter. Besides this you can enlist some close friends to call you to remember that it's time to leave the office.
  2. Schedule an activity right after work: You can also leave the office at regular time by joining extra other activities. For example sports, gym, yoga classes, other religious activities as well as you can spend time with friends outside the office. This will also helpful to make you relax after extra physical or intellectual burden.
  3. Self-Assessment:  Review your prior week or month schedule, if you find that your 40-hour week become 50 to 60 hour week or more and you have wasted your important time in unnecessary meetings or managing your inbox, that time you have to restructure your schedule.
  4. Schedule your workday: Work scheduling is helpful to assess your work that have you completed your work according to schedule time period or not. It’s good to know that how much time you have presumed to spend vs. the actual time period you spent.
  5. Avoid distraction: During your working hours you should avoid from different distractions or interruptions like call or message tone of your mobile, water cooler voice and extra tabs appears on your browser etc. that caused of disturbance while working
  6. Learn to say no: If you got tired and want to go back home and your boss assigns you work, after completion of your scheduled work day, and you know that you have a busy day. So just “learn to say no” in a moral manner, then your boss or manager would not mind. While it is not every time possible to reject every task or meeting invitation
  7. Start with the big tasks: Start your working day with larger and bigger projects at that time your performance is at peak and leave the less important projects and tasks for the afternoon. This will put the things in perspective
  8. Get professional help: Finally, if you think that the habit has changed into an addiction which has definitely bad impact on people’s health. You should have to get the opinion of trust worthy people or consult with a professional who may be able to help in this case or to approach workaholics anonymous who can understand and guide you. If you just want to manage work life balance or have a critical problem.
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