Friday, January 2, 2015

Virtual Girlfriends and Virtual Boyfriends

While many Saudis may not yet use email extensively, which is not surprising as many use an email I.D just  as a tool to create multiple profiles on various networking sites (guilty hand rising), they probably know how to use MSN messenger, Google talk, yahoo talk or Skype quite well.  They will have no problem chatting online or perhaps even having a video-chat.  In fact, due to the closed society and segregation of the country, social networking sites and the ability for real time chats are the mechanism many Saudis are now using to their full potential (potential no one knew existed.)  These Saudis can be a newly engaged couples who wish to know one another better before their marriage and the families being of the conservative mindset forbid them to talk (which new couple doesn’t want to be the next Romeo and Juliette, so rather than waiting they rebel, plan and conquer), or maybe the internet is used as an alternate to the western clubbing system where guys and girls would go to popular clubs to meet up.

Maybe chats up lines are sent and those which catch the eye are replied to. And maybe this method is better because I mean come on you need serious guts to deliver a chat up line to a girl which may back fire and result in a not so intimate slap, plus who doesn’t lie on the internet so the one in the profile picture doesn’t have to be you and and behold you have yourself a virtual girlfriend or a ‘friend’. So what exactly is the impact of social networking?  Can regular chatting or video-chats between a man and woman on the internet lead to a virtual marriage and what about “virtual infidelity”?  If an unrelated Saudi guy and girl are interacting back and forth via the internet either by chatting or having video-chats would that action therefore put them in a state of khilwa? Is this kind of action going against everything the Saudi culture teaches to its people or is it the Saudi world coming to terms with the ‘modern norms’

Can a Saudi man, or any man for that matter, have a virtual wife? Being the curious soul I am, I started doing some research on the topic of a virtual wife and not surprisingly found various articles on the subject.  Even the Wall Street Journal provided an article on a man who took a virtual wife and what impact that act had with his real wife and family.  According to the article, “Family-law experts and marital counselors say they’re seeing a growing number of marriages dissolve over virtual infidelity.

Cyber affairs don’t legally count as adultery unless they cross over into the real world, but they may be cited as grounds for divorce and could be a factor in determining alimony and child custody in some states, according to several legal experts…” Clearly this act is occurring all around the world but is it right.

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