Friday, January 2, 2015

How is the Climate of Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest countries for Muslims. Every year there are a large number of people who settle up and migrate towards Saudi Arabia for different reasons whether for work and business or simply because of the fact they want to be close to the land where the Prophet (PBUH) preached and lived. In my previous reads I talked much about what Saudi Arabia is like and what this beautiful land offers. Today, however I'll be talking about the climatic conditions that prevail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As many of you who do know Saudi Arabia does comprise more of barren land and deserts. Thus the usual climate is hot during the day but cold in the nights. To make a bit more clear below listed are three important cities on the basis of their climatic and weather conditions. I hope this will prove very helpful for all those who are packing bags for Saudi Arabia.

1. Riyadh
First off to start with is the city of Riyadh which is also the capital of Saudi Arabia. The climate in Riyadh is very hot during the summer months with the highest being nearly 52.6 Degree Celsius which occurs in July. The winters thus are warm but cold during the night. The precipitation doesn't occur all the time but receives a good shower during March to April. The overall climate is Arid and there are many thunderstorms that have occurred thus meaning that if you are migrating in from London you'll need to get rid of most of your wardrobe.

2. Jeddah
Next up is Jeddah. Jeddah is known mainly for its beautiful landmarks however when it comes to climate and weather it is different from the rest of the Arabian cities. The climate is Arid though Jeddah keeps its warm temperature even during the winter ranging from 15 degree Celsius at the time of dawn to 28 degree Celsius during the afternoons. The summers are however extremely hot withe the record breaking temperature being 53 degree Celsius. This hot temperature can drop back to nearly 30 degree Celsius in the evening. Rainfall is very sparse that only occurs during November and December. Also it's important to note that there have been several incidents of Hail and heavy thunderstorms during winters. The lowest temperature that was ever recorded in Jeddah was 11 Degree Celsius and the Highest being 49 Degree Celsius. Let's just hope that you are lucky enough to witness neither of them.

3. Dammam
The final city I'll be covering in this read is Dammam. Dammam has a very rigid and hit climate mainly hot desert climate with the winter temperature ranging from warm to mild however the lowest temperature can drop to 8 degree Celsius. Summers as usual are extremely hot because of the desert climate also much typical to most of West Asia ranging above 40 degree Celsius. When it comes to rainfall it follows Jeddah that means it is sparse and occurs in very small amounts during the summers. Although there have been certain recordings of Rainfall that have been pretty heavy. Something important to note was also the fact that the summer comprises of Dust storms as well. The highest temperature ever recorded in Dammam was 51 degrees Celsius and the lowest ever was 1 degree Celsius so for this particular city make sure you carry all the sorts of cloths available!

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