Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What is the meaning of GOOGLE?

You wouldn't really understand the actual story here, not unless you don't read this whole article. Google is currently the world's largest search engine that provides one with information regarding the smallest molecule to the largest of planets. This particular search engine is the reason why the Internet has become so famous. What's amazing about this search engine is the variety of information it provides one with. You don't even need text books any more, not unless you don't have a phone connected to the Internet.

In this Era of Technology and Information one cannot fail or stop thinking of the possibilities of why the name Google was decided for this search engine. The story goes back during the 1900's when Milton Sirrota wanted to find a name for a digit containing one hundred zero's. It is important to note that Milton was the nephew of the great mathematician, Edward Kasner. Milton was busy thinking for a name when eventually he heard a child say something similar to googal.

The search engine eventually re-arranged the word and took the name, GOOGLE. The reason behind this was that the owners and creators of this engine wanted to allow this engine to bring out information as much as a hundred zeros. This is one particular reason why you can insert as many O's in between Google and it will all sound exactly the same. This engine has currently left the world speechless all because it never fails to leave anything unanswered. Google has now many more programs that all depend on it such as Chrome and other mobile applications etc.

One may have never thought this Google Chrome would leave behind Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and others. Even Wikipedia, which is generally called the free encyclopedia, cannot match up to Google. Maybe not in this century but soon enough children will have to memories things off Google rather than text books. That is the future of our world.

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