Monday, January 12, 2015

What to do if Passport is Lost in Saudi Arabia?

The life is always very difficult to spend if you are out of your country. God forbids, if you lose your passport while you are out of your country, the life becomes hell. In such situations, you should visit consulate or embassy of your country to sort out the things. However, if you lose your passport in Saudi Arabia, there is nothing to worry about since we are providing here A to Z complete guide to get new passport in case you have lost your previous passport. The procedure to get new passport varies from country to country but most of the countries have the following requirements to issue new passport in place of the passport lost in Saudi Arabia.

Procedure to Get New Passport in place of Lost Passport in Saudi Arabia
Make sure that the Passport is Actually Lost
If your passport is lost in Saudi Arabia, first of all you need to make sure it is actually lost. Check for your passport wherever you can check. Make sure your passport is actually lost before going to the next step.

Advertise in Local Newspaper about Lost Passport
The next step is to make an announcement in the newspaper about the lost passport in Saudi Arabia. You need to advertise your name, passport number and contact number requesting people to contact you in case they find this passport. Newspapers have standard advertisement formats which are acceptable at the Embassies and Consulates. Standard advertisement is charged at SR 100. It is better to advertise in the English Language newspaper so that your embassy and consulate can understand it. If you belong to some Arabic country, it is perfectly fine to advertise it in Arabic newspaper.

Police Report about the Lost Passport in Saudi Arabia
Next step is going to nearest police station to report about the lost passport. He will ask you about the story of losing your passport. If your passport is lost by someone else like Kafeel, I would not recommend you to disclose it to Police Station. Just let them know that your passport is lost due to your mistake. Even if someone has stolen your bag or picked your pocket, it is difficult to register such kind of report in police station. So, if you want it to be simple, just mention that you lost your passport due to your own mistake as it was dropped from your pocket etc. If you are not good in Arabic speaking, it is better to go with someone who can translate it. They will give you a copy of the police report after registering it in their system.

Visit Consulate or Embassy of your country in Saudi Arabia
Now you need to visit the Embassy or Consulate of your country with the following documents. The Consulate or Embassy in your country will process your application and give you a slip to collect your passport at a specified date. You can go to embassy or consulate that day to collect your passport. Documents required to get new passport in place of lost passport in Saudi Arabia are;

  1. The newspaper where your advertisement of lost passport was published
  2. Copy of the Police Report
  3. Copy of Iqama – If you are Saudi Resident
  4. Copy of Lost Passport
  5. Fee of the new passport

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