Sunday, January 25, 2015

Why Recruiter did not call you back? 16 Possible Reasons

It can be very demotivating for the applicant to not get a response from the recruiter, however at times it’s not the recruiter but the applicant who is at fault. Hunting a suitable job requires a lot of hard work and luck and if you get some opportunity, don’t lose it for nothing. Make sure you have you’re your homework and everything else at your end and leave rest upon your destiny. Following are a few reasons why you haven’t heard back from the recruiters:

  1. Social Networks have made it very easy to track down your profile; there may be some particular activity on your profile that displeases the recruiter. Your accounts and activities done through these Social Networks should not be visible to everybody. We have covered this topic in detail in this link “7 things on your Facebook that are standing between you and your new job
  2. Your CV contains grammatical errors which is a huge turn off for recruiters. As the saying goes ‘The first impression is the last’, to many recruiters such errors show lack of effort and interest.
  3. The email address you have provided contains an error so the recruiter has responded but you never got to know.
  4. Many times the recruiter is not given a heads up by the company the hiring is being done for, so the response is delayed.
  5. There are a huge number of applicants in which case only the best few CVs are forwarded to the company and the rest are not considered.
  6. Your CV is not as impressive as the other applicants’ and does not have that wow factor.
  7. The job opening maybe irrelevant to your field
  8. Maybe you are simply under or overqualified for the job.
  9. The recruiter may be busy with other projects or other urgent hiring.
  10. At times, the recruiters are given a criteria to strictly follow and even though your CV may be perfect but due to that one missing detail the recruiter cannot shortlist you.
  11. The recruiter himself does not know what the job requires and is not given an appropriate job description. There are times when the company does not invest a lot of time in creating a proper job description and due to this the recruiter ignores a lot of relevant CVs.
  12. A lot of times, your CV gets misplaced in the bulk of applications received by the recruiter.
  13. In some companies, the shortlisting is done through software which only includes CVs that have certain specified keywords written in them.
  14. You were late in applying for the job and it has already been filled.
  15. Maybe the job has been put on hold by the company because the project has been delayed.
  16. Sometimes the recruiter just does not want to give you the bad news of getting rejected.

There are numerous other reasons why the recruiter does not respond to your application, you should try to eliminate the possibilities of getting rejected from your end such as proofreading your CV and making sure there are no errors of any sort. Apart from that, constantly bugging or pushing the recruiter shows a sign of desperation and this may completely end your chances of getting an approval.

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