Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why Some Expats Fail to Send Money Back Home?

It takes a lot of strength and guts to work far away from home. The Expatriates show us their strength every day. In today's time as everything races ahead these families of the Expatriates have to work with time and with a heavy heart send their loved ones overseas in the hope that they will bring stability to their homes. Living abroad certainly puts up the challenge on the shoulders of the loved ones to earn as much as possible and get their career into shape, though many expatriates with time forget why they are even away from home. They neglect their responsibilities, sometimes by fate and sometimes by choice. Today we shall be focusing upon the reasons why some expatriates are unable to send money back home?

Why Some Expats Fail to Send Money Back Home?
  1. Once Expatriates are sent overseas to work they have to face so many challenges, finding themselves a place to stay, getting adjusted to the lifestyle and other things.
  2. Once they are in for work their pay isn't usually much that they can send back home to their loved ones even though it is more than what they were earning back home.
  3. Many of the Filipinos are paid much more than the pay received by Indians and people from Bangladesh but yet it may not be enough since usually much of the Filipinos work as cleaners etc. Expatriates usually are called in for their semi skills and thus are paid accordingly. However this isn't always the case.
  4. In many cases it has to be taken into account that many Expatriates are sent in overseas through different agencies that have to be paid once they have started earning.
  5. If Expatriates do not eventually earn much, and they have to send in the pays they owe to the agencies soon. This is the other factor that has to be taken into consideration when Expatriates don't send money back home.
  6. Finally another factor that must also be taken into focus is that maybe those Expatriates are now much happy with their lives getting everything they ever wished for. Many Filipinos are so much blinded by how much they earn that all they know is it to avail the technologies and gadgets.
  7. Living life without the family is hard, it affects both the person away from home and those who are at home. Though, one must understand that it is much more difficult for these people to stay away from home. Sometimes they involve in extra marital affairs which costs them a lot. Keeping full sympathy towards them one shouldn't over look towards the fact that they are sent for work, to bring stability in the house. If they keep all for themselves they are running away from their responsibilities and giving their family the alert that they shouldn't be expecting for their loved one because he or she is now well settled in their life and much happy without them.


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