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Why you should not marry an Expatriate of KSA – 7 Reasons

Majority of the Sub-Continent population wishes to work away from home for monetary benefits. With this, their life is bounded by the people and the country they work in. Similarly they may fall in love or decide to marry someone they love. Today's read will give you some basic key points one should consider before proposing to an expatriate of KSA. This read is generally why you shouldn't marry an expatriate only; the rest is all up to you. We have already shared in a previous post “Benefits of marrying a Filipino Girl for a Saudi Resident”. Today, you will be reading about the reasons one should not marry an expatriate of KSA.

Why you should not marry an Expatriate of KSA – 7 Reasons
  1. Marital Woes: Distance is what seems to become a threat to couples. They cannot stay long away from each other. This makes spouses lonely and becomes a threat that they may end up cheating on one another due to their physical absence! This obviously becomes the basis for fights leaving marriages destroyed, woes broken.
  2. Mismanagement of the home: Working means you are subjected to spending less time at home. If you for instance have married a working woman you have eventually ended your desires to have a proper organized home. You will simply be living in an apartment or banglow filled with objects and things that are not connected to one another as they should be. Some families end up being in huge debts if not considering their financial matters properly. In these cases when the workers send money home you don't know where it's been coming from or how is it supposed to be managed effectively.
  • Problems in raising children: Parents only earn to give their family happiness of everything they could ever wish or hope for. Mainly it's for their children! However working away from home and not being able to raise your children becomes a huge problem not something you will be able to see now but after effects prove fatal. Children when meet their individual parents, when they return home they fail to recognize them and cannot bond with them. They only bond probably because of the presents or gifts. They may not respect them as they should be. A child needs both mother and father equally. This would be just like living in a home with divorced parents.
  • Loneliness: You may seem to wonder how one can feel alone in this era and age of technology! With this technology there are certain problems that some people have to face like week network signals or not being able to get the time due to long working hours or maybe because of living in different time zones. This absence again makes you feel empty and think you are being neglected leading to cheating and betrayal.
  • No financial guarantee: Thinking that your Partner is working overseas he or she will be making plenty of money you may need to re-consider. Sure some of them are making a lot of money overseas but their money may not always be secure and neither their job. One will never know when their job may be subjected to a possibility of a layoff or termination.
  • Risk of Being Widowed: Being part of different countries because of work, increases danger and risk to their lives. They may be assigned to countries where they may not be secured or the country is subjected to internal or external wars. Over the years many Filipino Workers have died in Canada, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Many families have thus lost their loved ones or they are not able to see their loved ones because they have been involved in some sort of scandal or so.
  • Fewer social engagements: Finally the biggest problem according to me is Jealousy. This destroys everything. Many spouses get jealous of how their fellow spouses at home have good social circuits and enjoy their life with family and friends. In return they set very strict rules around the house and forbid wives to move out of the house and concentrate only on the children. They are only allowed to do so for errands etc.

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