Monday, January 19, 2015

World's Youngest Prisoner in Israel

I seem to wonder where humanity has disappeared of when such news and other headlines come across my eyes. I couldn't help myself to write about the things and post a review over the headline that was entitled about an Eleven Months old baby girl named, Balqis Ghawadra who was imprisoned in Israel. Like I wondered about what could be the reason behind her being prisoned, so would you. After much research the reason made me want to question authorities.

Balqis Ghawadra along with her mother and brother went to Eshal Israeli Prison to pay a visit to their father. Their father was imprisoned nearly 8 years ago and was released a few months ago but again put in Jail without any charge. The Mother and children went in to visit their husband and father but they were put behind bars on the context that they had tried to sneak in a cell phone to their loved one. In response to this the director of the center Fuad Al Khuffash called on humanity right organizations and other Authorities to take an action against the imprisonment.

The Director had also called Palestinians in on his move for a speedy action. He had also made a statement that Israel has kept nearly 63 Palestinians inside their jails as hostages. What seems to be the question here is that country wars should involve little infants? Is that where humanity has turned to be? Previously Muammar Ghawadra was released under the Gilad Shalit Prisoner Exchange after eight years but now he has been brought back under no charge. How long will this continue on? Maybe Ghawadra has done something that brought him back to a prison cell but no law can allow the imprisonment of infants.

Muammar's mother had informed Ahrar that she had been held in Jail along with her children and she wants support by humanity working Organizations to set her free and her children mainly. This act was definitely a human rights violation and amendments should be taken into consideration to not only free this family but also make sure that things like this do not come up no matter which nations are involved. Who would have actually thought that a little girl aged eleven months would bring about Humanity Rights Councils and other organizations to work upon together against the unjust. She had only been waiting to meet her to her father and eventually she had been victimized. 

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