Tuesday, February 3, 2015

11 Types of our Friends on Facebook

Being on Facebook is one of the most common trends of the Century. In this particular time we spend more of our time on Facebook than we spend with anyone else. Facebook has become our social networking forum; almost everyone is on Facebook. Whether it be the jocks, the popular or the nerds. Even our parents are now on Facebook, not to mention our grandparents! This is the evolution that has been brought to our century but it should be noted that Facebook is nothing without a good amount of friends. This read will be an overview of all the types of friends we each will have on Facebook whether you have ten friends or a thousand. It's all the Friendship that counts in the end, whether you like them or not, whether you know them or not.

  1. School, College or University Friends: In most of our friend list we'll probably find more of our type and then the other friends from school or college or university. They'll just be there for you to comment on their picture or status, donate them a like for a thought, and click for going to their yacht parties or just simply trying to waste your own time.
  2. Gamer Friends: There are the Nerds and Gamers who are only on Facebook just because they need to play the most time consuming games. With these friends you'll only find yourself to have notifications from them regarding gifting them a shovel. Why not simply use the shovel and dig them somewhere they might become zombies and have an adventure of their own? I'm not going to be evil but anyways.
  3. Read it or not type of Friends: Then there are the typical like everything whether you read it or not type of friends. They won't know what they said, what they did but simply donate a like to them.
  4. Every Day Status Friends: On these places we have the constant status updaters every morning, including uploading pictures on the weekends. That's is just how they wish to start on their day.
  5. Good Friends: Then you'll find people like me who post statuses only once in a while to post about a few lines regarding emotions and things they feel. But that's not all.
  6. Inactive Friends: You'll have the friends who have no activity on Facebook, they'll simply read everything but they won't ever comment or like or post.
  7. Funny Friends: Then you'll have the ones who are the funny ones, they on the other hand find everything FUNNY. I'm just scared that one day they might simply type ‘loll’ on a status regarding someone's funeral. That can never be taken back even when you delete it, it's the generation of screenshots my friend.
  8. Religious Friends: Some friends consider it their responsibility to tell the world about the do's and don’ts in religion. Every status, like and post will all be regarding religion.
  9. Political Friends: And similarly there are those who tend to worship politics just as much as they should worship God. They will strive and fight against all injustices, post relevant pictures and posts, share all the news that is important. Nowadays you tend to find news much faster than you do on the News. Finally the ones I really wish I could erase from the surface of the planet, the Spell Checker Nazis. These have to correct your comments and posts from spelling and grammatical errors whether it matters or not. For their effort they are generously donated with likes and a death warrant by person whose status they commented on.
  10. Copy Cat Friends: Now since you've had a laugh on this make sure you share this with the ones who cheat and copy statuses. This way they'll know exactly what really cracks people like us up in this century, no?  
  11. Every Second Friends: You will also find someone in your friend lists who updates status almost every second. Eating fries, disappointed, very happy, going to washroom, had a bath, swimming, drinking and so on. They update so many statuses in one day. Well, I am sick of such type of friends on Facebook.

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