Saturday, February 14, 2015

6 Things to Avoid in Saudi Arabia After Indo-Pak Cricket Match

I did not know much about cricket before coming to Saudi Arabia. But since majority of my colleagues in office belong to India and Pakistan, so how could I remain uneducated in this field. I have been living with them from a long time so now you can treat me a cricket expert like David Lyod or Ramiz Raja. India Pakistan cricket match has always been a point of excitement and point of contention for the people who belong to respective countries. Population of Indians in Saudi Arabia is above one million and almost same number is of Pakistanis. So, migrant of these two countries represent not less than 7% of the total population of Saudi Arabia. Indo-Pak cricket match is always thrilling and I am forced to watch it with my friends every time and it was not an exception even this time. They picked me from my home to watch it at a friend’s place on a 60’ screen.

The purpose of writing this article is not to just share my experience but also to highlight some important issues. I am writing it with my previous experience of Indo-Pak Cricket match. When one country wins, the nationals of that country become so excited that they perform some activities which are illegal and cause a lot of troubles for their parents and family members. Especially teenagers commit such kind of activities and have to face heavy consequences. Based upon my past experience, I would like to share with you some Things to Avoid During and After Indo-Pak Cricket Match in KSA. It is your responsibility to share it with others.

Things to Avoid After Indo-Pak Cricket Match in KSA
  1. Indian or Pakistani Flags: It is not allowed in Saudi Arabia to carry flags of India or Pakistan on the roads. It is not allowed to place them on the cars. One of my friends was telling me that some teenagers were caught and had to face heavy punishment due to this act.
  2. Fireworks: Sometimes we get a bit too carried away while celebrating such as the use of fireworks. The use of fireworks is not suitable since this can be the basis for a lot of serious injuries. Many teenagers consider fireworks the ideal thing for celebrations to light up the night and draw as much attention. Fireworks are not only dangerous for the humans but also for the ecosystem. Why harm nature?
  3. Don’t Mess up: Make sure that our actions and acts does not make us shine on every news platform for the all the wrong reasons. Being resident of this country, it becomes our responsibility to make sure that our state is litter free and always clean. We must take care of our grounds, parks, roads. We shouldn't get carried away in all the celebrations With this we must make sure that our dances and celebrations do not affect the lives of our fellow citizens.
  4. Tinted or Painted Glasses: Make sure that you do not use such tint or paint on the windows of your cars and vehicles that it becomes extremely difficult for you to see giving a higher risk in car accidents. Along with this make sure that you are not sitting on the windows or on top of the vehicles while the vehicle is in motion. I have observed that many people find it quite amusing to sit in the car with their whole heads sticking out of the car. This is an extremely dangerous act and people should take care of it.
  5. Dancing on the Middle of the Road: Make sure of the fact that dancing is alright and a good way to express your hyperness and happiness for the day but it is not in any means right to exhibit your dance to the world by dancing on the middle of the road. Instead, you could do the same dance on the sidewalks and yet go un-noticed.
  6. Don’t violate any Law: Make sure that you do not violate any laws. We should try and do as much as we can to make sure that the world sees on the best side of Saudi Arabia! 

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