Wednesday, February 25, 2015

65% of the Secondary School Girls are addicted to Smoking

We often see and read posters hanging of the walls of the streets, taglines at the bottoms of particular movies, “Smoking Kills”! How many times have we ever considered the fact that it really does kill and we should actually pay more attention to the hazards of it rather than promoting it as a culture or trend? Over the years we may have become wise and more aware of the consequences. In most countries smoking is widely practiced by the males but you will be surprised what the other corners of the world have to offer!  In general surveys and reports it has come to the notice that there are nearly 65% of the females in Saudi Arabia that are studying in secondary schools who are smokers.

Nearly 45% of these young girls are intermediate schoolgirls as well! The level of smokers from around the world has been awfully high but not many could comprehend to the fact that smoking can be adopted as such a contagious trend by the young female minds of a country like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia now stands at the second country amongst the GCC and fifth amongst the Global Levels in terms of female smokers. This is shocking and disheartening as well. Generally one would ask as to why the females of Saudi Arabia indulge themselves into this practice.

A simple answer to that would contain that Saudi Arabia doesn’t have a law that prohibits smoking. There are certain places where one cannot smoke but smoking is allowed in the Kingdom. Why have the women of The Kingdom adopted smoking is a totally different question. It has been brought under the lime light that the young female minds have been influenced by the western world in terms of fashion, culture and lifestyle. They witness all of this either by visiting the western countries or by watching their lives on television in certain TV serials etc.

Other countries from around the Globe have tried to bring down the level of smoking because they are aware that this does cause many diseases that may not be cured such as Cancer. Cancer is a very dangerous illness and its treatment is still under construction. Similarly for the women it can be more dangerous. Especially considering the young age where they have their whole life in front of them. Breast Cancer is one that will obviously make its way to these young girls at one point or the other.

After having certain discussions with some women, they all seem to point out that parents should monitor their children and keep in touch with them about their lives. If the parents can help them from their problems and bring about guidelines for them to work with we can genuinely put a stop to this trend without increasing the prices of cigarettes! Think about it, they are our children after all.
Source: Arab News

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