Sunday, February 8, 2015

1st Saudi Wedding Party I attended…

Saudi Arabia has several norms and cultural trends that are unique from rest of the world. They are rich in their culture and celebrate every occasion with their own way. Whether it’s a funeral or wedding occasion, birthday party or casual meet up. You will find something new and trendy and will surely enjoy each and every moment.  Saudis are very good hosts and serve their guests with open heart. Their weddings and engagement parties are influenced by Arab rich culture but maintain their novelty. I have shared my experience of attending a recent Saudi Wedding Party. It is a good guide for those who have never attended a Saudi wedding party.

He narrated the story like, Saudis normally arrange wedding in engagement parties in open villa like halls. These halls are designed like an open air castle with hug garden area. People are invited in bulk. Saudis have rich social circle of family and friends. Due to multiple marriages, relationship circle of each family is wide enough to cover a space which is normally occupied by a huge crowd in Asian or European countries.  Normally male gatherings are separated as combined functions are strictly banned in KSA.

Host and his family welcome guests at gate and greet them with kisses and hugs. The kissing trend is their national norm and is practiced often as an obligatory act to please the guest. Though, it is a strange practice for foreign guests due to their non-familiarity with this culture.  This kiss is not like a normal kiss on cheeks. The Arabic people kiss in a different way to show their compassion for each other. They bring their lips parallel to other person cheeks and give a blow to lips at distance with loud sound of kiss. One can say it is a sort of imaginary kiss, except the other person is in front. The person who is considered most respectable like teachers and professors are kissed on their foreheads.

The sitting arrangements are normally made on widened halls with sofas and couches arranged on sides. Such halls cover huge crowds easily and are spacious. For first host serves guests with drinks, endless rounds, several fruits and refreshment items. The venue is castle like areas with wide garden and meals are combination of various traditional and foreign foods. Saudis serve not like Asian or foreign people in separate plates or bowls. Eastern and western both kinds of buffet dinners are served keeping in view the guest lists. Saudis like Chinese spring roll, Hamur chicken, Italian style lasagna, Lebanese bread and Indian samosas and tikkas. Saudis serve rice with cooked lamb over them in a large platter instead of separate bowls or dishes.

Saudi hosts don’t leave guests over the courtesy of waiters and hall staff, rather they personally visit time to time for showing their concern as if guest needs something else in foods or drink. Attending a party or wedding in KSA is an amazing experience where there are so many new things to be observed by foreigners and people belonging to other cultures.

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