Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Activate Abshir (MOI) Account through SAMBA Bank Internet Banking

Mr. Aqib Naseem has shared the procedure to activate Abhsir (MOI) account using SAMBA Bank. We have already shared with you people the detailed procedure to register for MOI account. Once you are registered with MOI account, you need to activate it. There are three ways to activate Abshir MOI Account. First, you can go to Jawazat office with your Iqama and ask the respective officer to activate it. He will check your Iqama and ask for the user ID with which you have been registered and activate it. Second way it to locate KIOSK machines in some shopping mall and follow the instructions. List of KIOSK Machines is given on the MOI website. Third and easiest option is to activate it using internet banking account. We have already shared with you the procedure to activate MOI account using internet banking account of Riyadh Bank. Today, Mr. Aqib Naseem is sharing with you the procedure to activate the Abshir (MOI) Account using SAMBA Bank internet banking account.

Activate Abshir (MOI) Account through SAMBA Bank Internet Banking
  • First of all you will have to register yourself in MOI website. The detail procedure is given in this link “Register for Abshir (MOI) Account
  • Make sure your finger prints are updated in the system. If your finger prints are not updated in the MOI system, you will not be able to activate Abshir (MOI) Account using internet banking of SAMBA Bank. You can check from this link if your finger prints are updated in the system “Finger Prints Status
  • Open your online SAMBA account. On left side, you will find “Ishaar Notification” Click on “Ishaar Notification”. Then click on submit button. Now click on “I Agree” button & on next page you’ll see mobile number and other info. Click “ok” if all is correct. A message will appear for successfully registered. That’s it from SAMBA Bank online service. You have to wait for SMS from MOI.GOV.SA. Once you have SMS from MOI.GOV.SA, you can proceed with activation. You can also take help from the below screenshots.

  • Now, log in to MOI site with your username and password. You will see option to activate through Bank. But make sure that you have received SMS from MOI.GOV.SA. Once received, only then you can proceed ahead. Assuming, you have received SMS from MOI.GOV.SA, click on User Activation Button.

  • Here you have to give the mobile number which is registered with your bank, in case you are using different mobile number, registered with MOI.GOV.SA and click on Submit button. Message will appear if all goes well, You have been successfully activated.

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