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Can an Air hostess bring her family in Saudi Arabia?

Can an Air hostess bring her husband in Saudi Arabia?

Question by Visitor
I am a female (from Pakistan) got the job of flight attendant in SAUDI AIRLINE few months ago and I could not join there because I wanted to bring my husband and 3 years old son along with me, the HR department here in Karachi said, the visa is given for candidate only. I tried by myself that they somehow go with me but nobody is selling visa for KSA in Karachi now. They would not be dependent on my salary or accommodation. I just want them go with me. Please any help (for next time)?

Answer by another Visitor
Accept this job and come to Saudi Arabia, then ask your husband and son to come on Umrah Visa, ( not visit Visa). even if you are not in western part still they can come and travel to Riyadh by airline no one checks their umrah visa, then let it (umrah visa) expire later on, he will be jobless and illegal. Teach him cooking and babysitting, and enjoy home cooked food when you come back tired from your work, he will be working as a babysitter cum husband and later he can have more babies from your saudi colleagues, this can become his full time job, once your contract is finished go back and he will have a minor punishment and up to that time he would have become a " Sughar" husband. I am a frequent flyer if you see me don't forget to Thank me about my advice.

Answer by Steve
I heard about this recruitment from Pakistan and many girls came on training first and now they are selected. First of all, I would like to confirm that they do not offer family status to flight attendants. It means that even if your Husband is living in KSA, you would not be able to live with him. You will have to live in the compound provided by the Saudi Airlines.
Your husband will also have to work since the salary they offer is not enough to meet the running expenses of a family.
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