Monday, February 9, 2015

Dubai festival awards Saudi feminist film ‘Wadjda’

Have you ever heard, “where there is a will, there is a way”? Today you haven’t only heard about it but you will fully understand the depths of the metaphor often used in situations where one often feels lost and thinks that there may not be a way out. That only implies till the moment where he strives back up again and doesn’t take for an answer. If I’ve given you a good overview of the statement maybe it’s time to enlighten you with the reason why this began today’s read. ‘Wadjda’ is an Saudi Movie that was released four years ago which had got the Best Movie Award at a particular Festival held in UAE.

‘Wadjda’ is a movie that told a story about a young ten year old girl who dreamed of owning a bike. You may wonder what the difficulty here was when she could have easily bought one and would have spared a whole movie. What you may not understand is how this movie was actually shot and filmed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This movie told the story about the young girl who wished to own a bike when women in her own country are not permitted to yet alone drive. In this movie the young girls life is described, how she had to sacrifice all of her choices and love for western music and fashion trends all because of the norms of her family and society.

The main cast of this movie, Waad Mohammad played the role with such brilliancy and she yet alone took the best actress award in that particular festival. She somehow bought a lot of life into just a particular story. Though the main applause obviously goes to the director of the film who is the first ever women from Saudi Arabia to be a director and film a movie. She had gotten her education for filming from the University of Sydney. She had filmed most of the film in the neighborhood of her country where she had to direct the whole movie locked inside a van and communicating through a walkie talkie. At most occasions she also faced intense hurdles from the people of the neighborhood who wouldn’t let her carry on with the shooting but Haifaa Al-Mansoor had made up her mind.

She in the end found herself standing in front of a huge crowd in UAE carrying the best movie award with tears rolling down her face. She believed in the script and wanted to get her message across which she eventually did by getting wide appreciation from an audience that was not bound by language and culture. Movies like these should hit the big screens around the world just to exhibit the fact that talent isn’t bound by culture, it’s bound by strength and determination!

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