Monday, February 23, 2015

Extreme Censorship in Saudi Arabia - An Experience

Music, Vocals and instrumentals combined together in such a beautiful way that has an ability to remove one’s stress and let a person enjoy to it. Ever since childhood, I have been crazy for music and the same was with my wife. In fact this was that one common thing over which we bonded. It always brought us happiness and made us feel nothing but pleasant! However, now due to religious reasons, my wife looks back to that time and labels himself as unwise who heard music because it is a sin to do so, in the Muslim community. I recall how my wife had lots and lots of CDs of every single genre but as she became old, she realized she was wrong.

As children tend to follow our interests and passion, our son is a big fan of music! As much as my wife dislikes it and asks our son not to listen to music, our son is just more inflexible about it and keeps listening to it. However, the topic today is not about Music in Islam but its more about something that I never had noticed. One day, I went to the store to get a CD for my son. It’s a CD by the very famous female singer, Katy Perry and the album’s titled as ‘One of the boys’. It’s not hard to confess that my teenage son thinks of Katy Perry as very appealing but after buying the CD, both of us felt a bit unusual. The CD cover, the back cover and the CD’s picture itself had been edited! All the open parts of Katy Perry’s skin were colored in with a marker to avoid the boys looking at them.

It just gave me a bit, actually A LOT of shock that the Committee for the Protection of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CPVPC) actually pays men to open the tight plastic cover of the CDs and then color in the appealing body of her. I am absolutely shocked but happy too, that these people do so much to protect young boys from looking at nudity. But do they feel the same way? It is hard to believe that men, who fill in the open skin of female artists, do not feel sexually affected by this. I mean, considering the country we live in where women are not allowed to show even 1% of their body and have to be covered at all times, how would these men feel?

Paying heavy amounts of money to men for doing this job is sickening but then at the end of the day, there has to be someone to do this job! Nonetheless, it surprises me to a great extent that just for the betterment of other men and boys, people would actually take up this job and sacrifice their own desires, considering what a severe and awful effect; it could lead to their minds. Hats off to such people and may our country stay forever protected from the wrong!

The above content was initially published on Susie of Arabia

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