Friday, February 6, 2015

5 Steps to Hunt a good Job in Dubai, UAE

As we all know who expats are, they work hard and do their best for establishing themselves by staying miles apart from their family. Often these days, expats are moving to Dubai for the sake of hunting good jobs because UAE prefers to choose a person for that respective job if that person is present in the country at the moment. Dubai is an attractive city with many opportunities for work and everyone wishes to get their dream job in Dubai. Tax free salaries, beautiful environment and good pay attract people to go there. People usually obtain tourist Visa to Dubai for this sole purpose. Tourist visa expires in 30-60 days which is the only time for them to hunt for jobs. We will describe you with the steps and stuff to keep in mind for the job hunt.

Guide to Hunt Job in Dubai, UAE
  1. Documents preparation: first of all, prepare your proper CV and get numerous photocopies. Prepare TOR which is your Transcript of Records, Diploma and Board Certificate (from PRC). These documents should be authentic, certified and verified, tied in a red ribbon to prove that they are verified already to protect you from hassles. Because all this process takes 5 weeks, this will save your time if you have it already prepared beforehand.
  2. Proper planning and exploring: Read blogs, articles and do research to know about the current job market in Dubai. Post on forums and get feedback of people already visited the city and go through their experiences. This is how you will get enough knowledge so that you can plan accordingly and refrain from mistakes that they made. Also you will get to have an idea how much salary to demand, for example 6,500 dirham is not enough for an expat monthly.
  3. Financial budget: Dubai is an expensive city and no doubt before visiting Dubai, a person should calculate budget and find out ways to plan the trip using minimum amount and more saving. For accommodation the person needs to pay rent for per head and not per room. About Dhs 500-800 will be required for it, so better stay at a friend or relative’s place to save money on that. Keep budget for food, bills and other traveling expenses which may be 2500-3000Dhs for 2 months.
  4. Re-apply for Visa: If you didn’t find a job and your tourist Visa is near to expire, reapply! This might be a financial problem for you because you are jobless currently. 2-3 days are required for the new visa which costs about Dhs 1,300-1,600 including one day accommodation and return ticket.
  5. Get a Job: Dubai seems fascinating but in terms of jobs and salary it’s quite low especially if you don’t have any past experience. Your starting salary might be very low because of wide competition. To help you get a good salary you need to impress your boss and be perfect in the interview. Stay prepared. Getting a job in Dubai is not that easy, one needs to struggle and apply everywhere possible with multiple applications because there are many expats applying and seeking job there.

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