Thursday, February 12, 2015

Where to Clean Sand Blasted Headlights in Saudi Arabia?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has very much of a sunny, windy and arid climate prevailing through most of the year. During this extreme weather one may not want to visit any outdoor locations or parks just to avoid all of this. A worst of problem relating to this extreme weather is that it includes sand storms that make it highly unsafe as well as dangerous. Though this doesn’t ever stop people from travelling or doesn’t excuse them from their work. In fact you would be surprised on knowing the amount of travelling a businessman may have to do just because of one meeting. Similarly most of the time these people have to drive from city to city or village to village to fix up one deal.

In these cases they may often encounter sand storms while traveling through most of the desert areas that not only dirty up their vehicles but most importantly here, they mess up with the headlights of the car. One may wonder why is that is such a big issue. Well on the contrary, it is! Dim headlights are extremely dangerous and can give rise to many road accidents. A driver may not be able to detect whether the dim light is of that of a car or a street lamp in a foggy weather. To avoid this problem, the dim headlights should be repaired immediately! Though at most of the times the dim headlights aren’t the actual fault but the headlights behind filled with dust is.

Often people get their headlights repaired by getting the head lights renewed every once in a few months. Though they might even realize that all the head lights need is a screen protection or cleaning up. What is very odd and easy to spot is that most of the show rooms or garages do not offer the sand blasted headlight repairing and those that do charge nearly SR 75 per headlight. If you are extremely lucky enough the garage worker will know exactly what he’s doing otherwise he’s just giving a shot whether his theory is good enough to practice.

Though there is one garage in Riyadh that somehow knows exactly what their customer wants and so they know exactly what they need to do. They not only provide cleaning their head lights but also offer a screen protector for their headlights that costs up to SR 75. However this particular screen protector has over a year warranty thus it will save you the time to get your headlights cleaned up every month but will also cost you much less than getting both your headlights cleaned for SR 150! I hope now you will know exactly where you’re hard earned money should go and you will take care of yourself as you should! The address of that workshop is given below.

New Car Talmiya
GPS Coordinates: 24.747706,46.774646
Google Map Link: Click Here
Petromin Pump, Khalid Ibn Al Walid St, Ar Rawdah, Riyadh

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