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How to Get Cold Tap Water during summer in Saudi Arabia?

Most of the areas of Saudi Arabia are very hot during summer. Winter season is very short and in only few areas temperature reaches to freezing point. You can say that summer remains for at least 9 months. In this extended summer, all of us face this difficulty of getting hot tap water in our washrooms, kitchen and everywhere. To reduce the impact of hot weather, what normally people do is to take a shower, but you cannot even do it in Saudi Arabia. The hot water burns the skin and you feel even hotter. You can control cold water with the help of geysers but how can you deal with hot water? We have a trick for you to provide normal water during sizzling summer.

KSA is a land of deserts and sand. The weather has severe impact on people, despite of reasonable arrangements inside and outside. Winters are comparatively soothing as compare to summers. During winters, people can easily manage with a single sweater or even Shawl. Inside and outside the house, weather is normally bearable and pleasant. Though nights are too cold and sand freezes and it seems impossible to move outside without fairly warm cloths and heaters in vehicles. All houses and hotels have geysers installed with water connection which provide hot water for cleaning purposes. Hot water seems blessing for easy mouth washing and other arrangements in winters and availability of it 24/7 hours warm up life. These geysers are used for cooling of water in summers and for availability of hot water in winters. People visiting KSA from different regions get irritated a bit due to varying weather moods but modern technology helps in adjustment for foreigners.

Winters are pleasant and favorable weather for outsiders to visit KSA as things seem suitable due to normal internal and external environment. However summers distract people a lot due to extreme hot trends of weather in Kingdom. KSA is a land of deserts and sand, so summers have extreme impact on people comparatively. The sand becomes too hot during daytime and night freezes the sand. Despite of all arrangements, summers in KSA seems as if one is walking in Sahara desert. Obviously cold water is one of the best remedy to get rid of warmth of extreme sunshine. Water is supplied to homes and hotels from large supply of tanks managed by sanitary authority. These tanks get too hot due to scorching sun. People can’t use this water for showering purpose, as it may equally burn the skin like hot wind blow can.

The major issue which people has to face while residing in KSA is non availability of cold water in running taps for cleanliness purpose. People have to wait till sun sets and the warmth cools down in order to get cold water to take shower and any other purpose. Many of people in my social circle have complaint about this issue and they have shown their helplessness regarding availability of plenty of cold water in the time of need.

I usually recommend such people a very simple trick to get that much storage of cold water in summers as they get for hot water in winters. The simple technique is to switch off their geysers which are dual purpose. They provide hot water in winters and cold water in summers. But actually they provide hot water in summers, due to contact with tanks where sun warmth keeps the water storage hot and non-suitable for use during day time.  If people turn off the geysers they can easily get cold water. The logic is, geysers are installed inside the buildings, if they are disconnected with power lines, the will automatically be disconnected from hot water supply. This way one can get hot water from cold water tap due to contact with main water supply source. This is an easy and cheap trick to overcome such a crucial issues while residing in KSA.

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