Sunday, February 15, 2015

14 Unbelievably True Facts about Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia! A name which probably reminds you of tons and tons of oil, women in Abayas and rich Arab Sheikhs! Well, there is a lot more to Saudi Arabia than just this. It’s a beautiful country with great infrastructure facilities and stunning camels! Yep, camels are one very common thing in Saudi Arabia. So let me tell you some super fun facts about this completely great country known as Saudi Arabia!

  1. Hajj in Saudi Arabia: It was surveyed that 3.17 million went to perform Hajj back in 2012 and out of these; 1.7 million people were NOT from Saudi. This calculates that if we join the entire population of Phoenix and Philadelphia, it would be equal to the number of people that visited Saudi for Hajj in 2012.
  2. Ghawar Oil Field: Ghawar is an oil field located in Saudi Arabia is the BIGGEST conventional oil field in the world! But there is one thing about this field which probably none of you are aware of. This field is left with around 75 billion barrels of oil which can fill up 4,770,897 Olympic pools and one pool consists of 660,235.09 gallons of water! Yep, I am just as shocked as you are, right now.
  3. Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan: Comparing these countries, it’s an astonishing fact to know that Saudi Arabia spends around $67 billion on their military expenses which is like three times more than the economy of Afghanistan which is $20.7 billion.
  4. The population of Saudi Arabia: It is stated that more than quarter of Saudi’s population is below the age of 14 and near to half of the population is not more than 24 years.
  5. Labor in Saudi Arabia: Unemployment rate in Saudis is very high and the reason behind is super interesting. It’s because the expatriates have taken up most of the jobs in the biggest working sector of Saudi which is the oil industry! Six million overseas nationals are now working for Saudi Arabia’s service industry out of a total of 8.412 million work force.
  6. Vending Camels: Selling off Camels in Saudi Arabia is a pretty usual thing but what we did not know is, HUNDRED camels are vended off EVERY SINGLE DAY. Hundred is a huge number and now I am just going to wonder what the buyers of these hundred camels do with them, every day! So, Saudi Arabia is known to have a very big market of Camels and their buying and selling happens each day.
  7. Saudi Arabia and Germany: Ever wondered how big Germany is? All I can say is, it is SIX times smaller than the entire Saudi Arabia and mind you, Germany is 357,168 square kilometers in total! But in spite of that, 95% of Saudi is just plain sand and nothing else.
  8. Tallest Building in the world: Saudi is now competing to build the world’s tallest building in the world known as Kingdom Tower and will exceed the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
  9. Women cause accidents: Haha okay so I might be wrong here with the accidents part but Saudi is the only country with rules that state, women can’t drive at all and no licenses are ever given to them!
  10. The Kingdom Tower: Oh I totally forgot to mention how William Smith earns $32 million but the cost of this tower is expected to be around $1.23 billion. Yikes!
  11. Saudi Arabia and Sierra Leone: Health has always been an issue around the world and their health expenditures accumulate to more than 4.5 times of the entire GDP of Sierra Leone which is $4.9 billion.
  12. Saudi Arabia and its petrol: Saudi Arabia is said to have enough petroleum with them which is larger in number than the GDP of Rwanda, Iraq, Tonga and Morocco, all added together! The section of petroleum in Saudi is 45% of the entire GDP of the country.
  13. Building new cities: It is found that Saudi Arabia will be building six new efficient and economic cities which will be as large as 3.5 times of the GDP of Kenya and these new cities will bridge the difference between the employment and unemployment of this country!
  14. Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh: Always being larger in sizes, Saudi is 14.5 times more than the size of Bangladesh however the total population of Bangladesh is still six times larger than Saudi’s.

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