Thursday, February 12, 2015

My First Experience of Attending Saudi Wedding

Weddings are one of the most attended functions by relatives and acquaintances because of the religious and cultural importance they hold. A wedding is a celebration that brings a man and women together under religious and cultural ties. Though, in the United States of America and other western cultures a man and woman are brought together one at a time But in the Muslim culture a man can marry up to four times thus that increases the probability that you will be called again after a few years to attend the wedding of the same groom over again but this time with a different bride. Today’s read is a general outline of the first Saudi wedding that I attended.

One may think that a wedding will probably last for most part of the day and that’s right. You might want to reconsider on your thoughts and views. The Saudi culture seems to very unique and different to what I usually thought it would match up to be like the ones in the United States of America. I was invited a week before the actual wedding day for a little event that was held at the bride’s home which was obviously an only ladies event. I was amongst the first to arrive at around 9 pm and the decorations took me away the very minute! The bride had picked a turquoise blue and silver theme for the night and what was the center piece reflected to be a pool that was made using Christmas lights and mirrors with blue and turquoise netting.

As more and more guests arrived we waited for the bride to come and take place on her white throne above which were beautiful lights and similar d├ęcor that was used to create the imaginary pool. The bride was carried in what we called a “Doli”. She arrived around 12pm after which dinner was served that was more of a buffet with shrimps, chicken and beef dishes, vegetables and absolutely mouthwatering deserts. What was most ironic was how much the women at the event looked splendid. They wore long gowns with exquisite jewelry and heels. Some of the gowns were strapless or sleeveless. All the women entered the home wearing back abayas but no one knew that what was beneath all of it. The theme of this event was Moroccan filled with a lot of dancing and singing much like a bridal shower. I returned back home around 3am that day.

A week later was the actual wedding day where I arrived at 11pm and again I was amongst the first to arrive. There were separate sections for seating for the men and women. Again the women absolutely took the stage with their beautiful gowns worn by one after the other. It seemed like it was some red carpet event in the States. Around 3 am both the groom and bride made their showcase on the balcony while we covered ourselves in our abayas. During their presence the bride appeared in a strapless long peach and beige colored gown that complimented the groom with his robe. That was the first time they appeared together. After that dinner was served and we returned back home at around 5 am. We still haven’t figured why these weddings last so long but it seems that the Saudi people enjoy it more than anything else.

The above content was initially published on Susie of Arabia

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