Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How we celebrated birthday in a Pajama Party - Experience

Birthday parties? Did I just hear birthday parties? Hey! Who isn’t a fan of birthday parties? Cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, chocolates, goody bags, dancing, catching up with friends and having snacks, birthday parties are the best thing one could ever attend especially when it’s of a teenage kid! So the other day, I was invited to my sister in law’s niece’s birthday party at her sister’s place with the theme of Pajamas that had to be followed. Yep, PJs! How cute is that? It was not supposed to be a sleepover rather a normal birthday party with this theme. As we reached to her place, no one had come as yet so we started to help the birthday girl’s mother a bit with the end minute details!

The room where the birthday party was held seemed pretty colorful and attractive to the eyes! Colorful balloons, garlands, attractive banners and disco lights caught my eye! These things were taken on rent from a party decorator and they looked AMAZING! A table was also set and decorated in the lounge for food and drinks. After a while, all the guests started to arrive. They were instructed to come after the last prayers of the day which is Isha, because here in Saudi Arabia, time is allotted to the guests by specific prayer timings. There were a total of around 75 guests that included lots of young girls who were friends of the birthday girl, their mothers, a few relatives, maids of the guests and a small number of boys who were younger than 8 years.

Upon their arrival, it was shocking to see how absolutely cute all of them looked! Different styles of PJs with lots of colorful patterns and cartoon characters on them, I was surprised. All of them looked stylish yet amazing. The guests started to loose themselves on the dance floor now. My sister in law was dressed up the best and was the entertainer of the night! She was the reason why we laughed like crazy during the entire party. Later, us grown up women moved to another room to have our own little party. We relaxed ourselves by smoking Hookah aka Hubbly Bubbly!

According to my SIL (short for sister in law), Hubbly Bubblys made them happy and chill and I guess that was true since everyone in the room had a pleasant mood! It was very kind of all these women to meet me and get to know me and oh the irony, when one woman called me to her and announced that she wouldn’t share me with anyone else as I would be her friend only! Haha! So that area of awkwardness had officially ended now. Dinner was served after a while, half of which was made by the servants and the rest was ordered from the restaurant. One single word would be enough to describe the food; DELICIOUS!

The birthday song was sung after this with the cake cutting ceremony and then all the guests started to leave as it had been past midnight and everyone, especially the little girls were now very tired. As I reached back home, I informed my husband how totally fun his sister and her family is! They definitely knew how to throw a birthday bash and lighten up everyone’s moods!  

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