Saturday, February 7, 2015

Passenger friendly service introduced at Airports in Saudi Arabia

King Khalid International Airport’s international terminal (KKIA) in Riyadh changed its setup and started an exclusive customer friendly service which pleases the passengers arriving at the airport.  As soon as the passengers arrive they are welcomed and greeted in Arabic in a friendly manner. They are then guided to their respective counters or queues by a team of immigration officials to carry out the immigration process smoothly. The immigration counters which were very old and dull are increased in number and made attractive for welcoming large number of immigrants. Separate lines and counters were made for those visiting for the first time or those with re-entry visas for fast procedure.

It was reported by chief immigration officer named Mufraj Al-Muqbal at the airport that the service is made really easy and organized such that the team is providing friendly service in less time. None of the passengers will be waiting in the lines for more than 15mins. A friendly environment is established at the airport where no one will feel puzzled or confused; they will be guided by the staff promptly. Also feedback will be recorded from the passengers to improve on any mistakes that they make. This will lead to betterment and hassle free service at the airport.

The green colored uniforms of the passport officers at the international airport are replaced by their traditional attire to reflect the culture and make it pleasing to the eyes on the orders of interior ministry. Well experienced and trained graduates are hired at the passport office for efficient service at King Khalid international airport’s arrival and departure lounge. This change is also made on Dammam’s King Fahad International Airport and King Abdul Aziz International Airport (KAIA) in Jeddah for handling passengers specially the pilgrims.

There are many positive reviews received by the Kingdom for this amazing airport’s new setup which is very passenger friendly and has a good impact on the Kingdom’s image. A British national arriving from British airway flight named Mohsin Tutla really praised the setup saying that he was astonished and delighted upon arrival. This really increased the value and fame of the Kingdom itself. He was amazed to see the each and every staff person smiling and greeting the passengers with pleasure and not only that; they guided everyone properly and clearly and gave respect to each and every individual.

An Asian expatriate who with heavy heart was returning back to the Kingdom for his work after his annual vacations was welcomed happily, he felt fresh and amazed by seeing this new setup in the arrival lounge. Such expats feel pleasure and relief by this VIP friendly treatment because they leave their family and homeland to spend most of the part of their lives in unknown country miles apart. They deserve this friendly treatment which freshens them up and gives them a feeling of being in their own country.

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