Friday, February 27, 2015

Payment of Fee to Renew Istamara (Vehicle Registration)

Now Istamara (Vehicle Registration) can be renewed online using MOI Abshir account. We have explained the procedure to renew Istamara (Vehicle Registration) online as well as through manual procedure in these links. In order to renew Istamara (Vehicle Registration), you have to pay fee for the renewal of Istamara (Vehicle Registration) using SADAD payment system. The procedure of making payment of fee of Istamara (Vehicle Registration) is very simple but few people face the confusion of which category needs to be chosen. Keeping in view the requirements of readers of this blog, I have detailed the guidelines for the payment of fee to renew Istamara (Vehicle Registration) below.

First of all, you will have to login to your internet banking account. The fee can also be paid through ATM card and phone banking using SADAD services. Here we shall only provide you guideline about the payment of fee to renew Istamara (Vehicle Registration) using internet banking. Here we shall be describing the case of SAMBA Bank but you can use any other bank. The process is same and you will find similar tabs everywhere. In SAMBA Bank, after logging into your account, you will have to click on “Government Services”.

A new page will open where you will have to select “Motor Vehicles” in service type, “Renew Vehicle Registration” in Application Type, enter your Iqama number and vehicle sequence number. The procedure to get vehicle sequence number is given at the end of this page.

Just confirm that the details entered are correct. Keep in mind, if Iqama number of vehicle sequence number entered in the above page is not correct, this page will not appear. This page will only appear if all the details are correct. You just need to confirm it. Now you have successfully made the payment of fee to renew Istamara (Vehicle Registration).

How to get Vehicle Sequence Number?
There are two ways to get vehicle sequence number which is explained below.
  1. To get the vehicle sequence number, send an SMS with service code 53 then star sign(*) then ID or Iqama number then star sign(*)followed by plate letters (space between each letter) then space along with the plate numbers. SMS is sent to: (STC to 888995)-(Mobily to 625555)- (Zain to 709445). Example: 53*1111111111*C B J 1111 SMS cost 2.5 SR
  2. It is given in the right bottom side of your Istamara (Vehicle Registration) in Arabic. You can take help of the below picture to locate vehicle sequence number in your Istamara (Vehicle Registration).

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