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11 Places to Visit in Al Ahsa (Al Hofuf), Ash Sharqiyah

The city of Al-Hofuf is one of the most respected and important cultural city. It is situated in the center of the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and located very close to the world's largest convectional oil fields namely Ghawar oil field. The specialty of the city of Al-Hofuf is that it is the Kingdom’s largest date producer with over nearly 2 million date palm trees in the largest oasis. One who takes a trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must make sure that he or she does visit this city that with holds many historical landmarks as well keeping intact with the modern developments as well. This city has a very hot and arid climate during the summers just as most of the cities of the Kingdom though the winters get warmer from cold after the raining. Despite that today’s read is a tour guide for the landmarks about this city that have always been the center of attraction by the tourists.  

  1. Al Ahsa Archaeological and Heritage Museum: The first up landmark that one must visit once in the City of Al-Hofuf has to be the Heritage and archeological museum within the city which is constructed on a very small area an one can easily cover up all the exhibits in one hour flat. This particular museum was built during the 1980’s with an area of land area 7000 square meters. It was opened for visitors in the year of 1987 which provided a lot of information on geology. This museum is open every morning from 8am to 2:30pm and evening timings of 4pm to 8:30pm on the weekdays and 8am to 1pm on Thursdays and 4pm to 8:30pm on Fridays.
  2. Qasr Ibrahim (Ibrahim Palace): From the museum to this Palace it will take you 15 minutes nearly. The reason to spend time here is because of the architecture of the palace along with spending time inside the tiny museum within the Palace. The work on this palace began during the early 1550’s by the Ottoman Governor. Later after the establishment of the Kingdom it was further constructed. It is extremely hot outside the mosque but the inside of the mosque provides a good pleasant atmosphere. The Palace is open from dawn to dusk for all its visitors.
  • Al Jaalaaneyah Mosque: This is a very historical masjid that once was filled with people who offered their prayers but now it has been closed for offering prayers now. You can skip on this mosque if you wsih to but it eventually does hold much of architectural importance the area.
  • Jabal Al Qarah (Lime Caves): These lime caves provided to be beautiful and gave more look to a castle. This was originally first an island but over the centuries the wind and water waves played with the clay and gave it the look that you may see today. Outside these caves the climate is very hot but as you enter through the entrance you will surely be cooled by the effect. It’s a good place to spend most of your time here.
  • Qasr Sahud (Sahud Palace): This palace is one of the oldest in the region but now it seems to be closed for visitors for a while now. You can choose not to visit this Palace.
  • Jawatha Mosque: This mosque in the village of Al-Kalabiyah is one of the worst mosques of the eastern province whose remains is not left and is closed but not locked. So one can open the gates and take a look inside. It also has a small park where one can take a rest on its journey through the desert where it I situated.
  • Al Oqair: This place has a port, masjid, market and many government and custom buildings. The best thing about this place is the sea that has water shades depending upon the depth of the sea. There are generally very few people living in this area but you can spend a few hours here to explore the where a bouts.
  • Camel Market: This is situated on the way back to Riyadh where business is conducted for the sale and buying of sheep and camels etc. it is often heard that there are races conducted but that happens on very rare occasions.
  • Qaisariah Souq: This market had caught fire a long time ago but now it has been rebuilt again providing shops for the sale of completely traditional items.
  • Afsar Lake: To reach this particular lake you will need a four wheeler because of the bumpy ride and distance. It provides an ideal location to capture natural views
  • Abqaiq Salt Mines: These salt mines date back to nearly 5000 years ago and are still very operational.

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