Thursday, February 12, 2015

3 Places to visit in The City of Al-Kharj

The city of Al-Kharj is located around 77km from the south of Riyadh which is connected to the city of the Riyadh and Dammam by rail. This particular city is one of the most beautiful cities of Saudi Arabia with many landmarks and places that remain amongst the Tourist Attraction especially throughout most of the year. They include the Water Wells, King Abdul Azeez Palace and Mosque. Though today’s read is much of an outline of the three special places in this city that are not only tourist attractions but ideal places to visit the family. Hope that you readers will pay a visit to these wonderful places either for some quality time alone or to spend some time with the family!

Ayun AlSeih (Means Eyes of Al-Seeh) / Ayuun an Najm / Al Kharj Wells
These wells are two long deep holes in the surface of the Earth that are nearly five hundred meters away from each other. It is reported that these two holes were formed by meteor showers thousands of years ago and later were filled with water. For many years they the water within these wells were used for irrigation purposes but now they are completely dried and empty. They provide a beautiful view and hold much of scientific importance for the area. The wells have now been fenced for safety purposes but some visitors have made ways and gates around the fences to explore the holes. The Ideal time to visit these wells is before the time of sunset since there are no measurements taken for tourists and visitors in the night time. It will provide you with an ideal opportunity to explore the vast emptiness of the desert as well.

Kharj Zoo
This particular zoo covers a total area of nearly 30,000 square meters which holds many different species of birds and animals from around the globe in their exhibits. You will also find beautiful green parks that provide an ideal picnic spot for most of its tourists. If you want to escape away with nature, this will surely provide to be the best of your locations in the City of Kharj. The Zoo also has a children’s play area. What is great about this Zoo is that it offers separate timings for women, single men and children. If the ladies want to explore this Zoo for information purposes or want to refresh and revitalize them they must visit the Zoo on Wednesdays from 4pm to 12am. For the single men hwvere the timings are regularly from 9am to 12pm and for families it is on 2pm to 12 am with the exception of Wednesdays.

Al Kharj Water Tower and Revolving Restaurant
The Water Tower and Revolving Restaurant provides an ideal place for entertainment and relaxation. It is also one of the most important landmarks of the city. This is one of the most ideal locations for enjoying food with a beautiful high view of the entire city. 

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