Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery is on the rise in Saudi Arabia

Women are human beings, just like the other men of the world. They have feelings that are much more delicate than those owned by men. They may feel and get offended by a simple laugh, maybe a nod, maybe a gesture in someone’s body language. Women are emotional and they might over think on many situations that are quite clear as any crystal. Women though cannot easily live with the flaws they have, unlike men. They will try to alter and try to perfect themselves in any possible way they can to avoid any sort of embarrassment that they ever be subjected to. These females tend to spend months, years or practically most of their life to gain the respectable words out of those who have ever hurt them.

Similarly one section where women always seem to be very vulnerable or sensitive is over their appearance. For women around the world it may not be difficult at all for them to change and alter their body and recreate it into the way they want to be seen. However the women of Saudi Arabia do not have the freedom that the other countries of the world are subjected to. The reason behind it is because of the religion grounds of Islam that for the Muslims is the religion that brings about the teachings of life. Every single law, rule and regulation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is all aligned with the religion of Islam and thus women here must first refer to the principles of their religion before persuading their own choice of mind.

I certainly will not say that these women of Saudi Arabia are any different from the women of the world. They all go through the exact same complexities, feelings and situations as the other but they definitely have to abide by the laws. One question that was often raised regarding the altering of the face and body was whether Islam permits it. With context from the scholars it is said that they must alter their physical appearance in any way since they are altering God’s creation. Women are forbidden to even pluck their eyebrows. People will obviously wonder how does Saudi Arabia then have the rise in Plastic/Cosmetic surgery clinics in these few years, going from a handful to so many?

One thing I would like to enlighten the readers and highlight is that these surgeries are allowed if someone has been deformed by an accident. They can be considered when they are subjected to much of embarrassment and harassment. We cannot fully justify with reasoning whether the women are gradually picking this up just to avoid harassment or trying to gain perfection. We may never be able to come to a conclusion for this since every women will have their own reasons, some may just want a new look.

The above content was initially published on Susie of Arabia

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