Sunday, February 8, 2015

Poor, Kind Hearted Bangladeshis residing in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has become almost home to the large number non-immigrants those came from Bangladesh and other countries for earning purpose. But the salary paid to them is not sufficient for their lives despite of this that they come to Saudi Arabia by spending a lot of money but hardly find jobs. Most of the low level jobs are done by these Bangladeshis at lowest salary rates.

According to an estimate there are almost one million Bangladeshis residing in Saudi Arabia. They work like cleaning, sweeping and construction works but they are not actually paid as they are promised. Some agents draw false image in front of them for earning opportunities in Saudi Arabia. These Bangladeshi workers earn not more that 700 to 900 Riyals in a month which is not sufficient for their families reside back in their home country, even not enough for their own survival. Therefore they do laborer services day and night by dual job holding, like cooking and cars washing that is not legally permitted and consequently they got arrested.

These Bangladeshis face extreme difficulties and humiliation in their working life and many times they are discriminated against and abused verbally. Their lives are full of troubles and they hardly live hand to mouth. There are many shocking stories of Bangladeshi workers they are being harassed, abused and targeted. And when they are unable to prove themselves legal as their employers take charge of passports and then they have totally dependent on their employers. Some cruel heartless employers take extra advantage of this opportunity.

However, I’m always touched with their kindness and morality. They are always being generous, patriotic, kindhearted and honest with everyone. According to my experience, there is a Bangladeshi attendant on a petrol pump I know, he always buy snacks or different types of perishables for my child, when I go there to fill my car tank. One day at another road crossing point, me with my wife were waiting for signal to turn green, there was a Bangladeshi man selling roses, my wife asked for a rose price in the Bengali language. When he realized that we know Bangladeshi language, he became more kind and left money saying that we need not to pay it. There are many other examples that I can quote here of kind heart Bangladeshis.

This type of kindness shown by Bengalis compels us to give return to them. They have to live far from their beloved families. Though conditions are not that much easy for Bengalis to reside in Kingdom. There are a huge lot of foreigner residents residing in Kingdom with different jobs and professions. Bangladeshi residents feel comfortable due to presence of other Bengalis in region. Even where they encounter people belonging to their country, they show harmony and courtesy even out of their way. They feel relaxed due to presence of their countrymen in Kingdom and try to make bond with them. Not only this Bengalis are too courteous for other natives and show their compassion time to time for building up healthy relationships.

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