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Procedure to Change Mobile Number, Email or Language in Abshir (MOI) Account

We may want to change our mobile number in Saudi Arabia due to any reason but we cannot do it since it is used by our banks to communicate us about transactions and also used by Ministry of Interior to login to our account. Moreover, all the communication from Ministry of Interior is sent by SMS to this mobile number. Perhaps this is the main hindrance in changing the mobile number for an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia. Ministry of Interior communicates us about fines, iqama renewal, exit re-entry visa, final exit visa, expiry of Istamara and many other things. However, you will be glad to know that it is not a big deal now to change your mobile number in Abshir (MOI) Account. We shall be providing you step by step guide to change mobile number in Abshir (MOI) Account.

Procedure to Change Mobile Number, Email or Language in Abshir (MOI) Account
First of all you need to login to Abshir (MOI) account. The procedure to login to Abshir (MOI) account has been changed a little bit. You can read about the updated procedure to login in this link “Login to Abshir (MOI) account”.

After logging into your Abshir (MOI) account, you will have to click on “My Account” given after Public E Services. A new screen will open where       provision to change your password will be mentioned. You do not need to do anything with this. You will have to click on the “Edit User Profile” link given on the left hand column. As soon you will click on it, a new screen will open up showing your Email Address, Mobile Number and Preferred Language. You will have to click on “Edit” icon to change your mobile number in Abshir (MOI) Account. You can also take help from the image given below.

As soon you click on the “Edit” icon, the details of your Email address, Mobile Number and preferred language will appear in an editable format. Now at this point of time, you can change them. But keep in mind that the number you are using in Abshir (MOI) Account is your prime number. Please don't use it in any other account to avoid number cancellation. After filling the form, you will have to enter Image code and click on “Save” button. Image code in my case was 6176. A new screen will appear confirming that your profile was updated successfully. You can also take help from the image given below.

For people who just want to change the old mobile number while they have also the current updated mobile sim with them, then they can change the number by going to eDashboard but if the number is lost then Try to get help from the MOI helpline 8007490000 or email which is

Bobby: I went to self e service KIOSK machine, and there is an option to update the mobile number. Enter your ID number and follow the steps on screen, finally you receive code on your new given number, enter it on available space than done. Hooray!!!!!

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