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Process to get Car Insurance through Al Rajhi Takaful

Saudi Arabia is among the most dangerous countries with respect to driving and so accidents are fairly common. Therefore it is recommended for everyone to go for an insurance policy, mainly that of a car in cases of accidents. Third Party insurance (Third Party Liability) is the most common form of insurance in Saudi Arabia. So in Saudi Arabia the Drivers are required to obtain legal third-party insurance. It is the cheapest insurance available. It provides with legal protection to the third party in case of accidents or bodily injury, it will cover any sort of damage which is caused to an individual, property or vehicle or by the driver’s vehicle within the Kingdom.

The third-party and comprehensive insurance policies can have clauses and conditions that may vary between the providers, so one should check it first. There are many vehicle insurance companies in the Kingdom that offer local as well as international cover for vehicles. Car dealers can also give you a package of insurance but one should check out the charges and compare it with insurance companies coz usually the cost directly from the insurance company is usually less. We have also covered the rates offered by different auto insurance companies in Saudi Arabia in this link “Cheap Auto Insurance in Saudi Arabia”. In Riyadh one can get vehicle insurance from Al-Rajhi Takaful in Saudi Arabia. They do it as a solidarity program that abides by the Shariah laws and also get it approved by the Al Rajhi Takaful Shariah Committee.

They make Plans fulfilling the individual’s criteria and requirements according to Al Rajhi principles and helps in taking care of the loved ones in case of an unexpected accident. The Plan provides coverage in following ways;
  1. Provides with protection in cases that of Accidental death or physical injury to third party
  2. Repays for the damages caused to property of the third party
  3. Kafalahbail that is accepted by Muroor / traffic police
  4. Upon cancellation the value is refunded

Process to get Car Insurance through Al Rajhi Takaful
Some documents are needed in this case as a formality to carry out the process including;
  1. The original Iqama or its photo copy
  2. Valid Registration Card of the vehicle known as Istamara
  3. The person applying should know the car model number and all relevant details
  4. The person then needs to search for the nearby Al Rajhi Takaful branch, selling the insurance products. For example one branch is located on Olaiya Road in Azizia Mall. Another branch can be found opposite to Movenpick Hotel near the King Fahad Road.
  5. For the application of car insurance, the form is obtained and then filled in with the required details.
  6. The form is then submitted along with the Iqama and Istamara which is then returned in few minutes after photocopying it.
  7. Payment is required which is around SR 1,000 to sign for insurance contract for an year for 3rd party insurance.
  8. After a wait of few minutes you would be provided with your new Al Rajhi Takaful car insurance card along with envelope containing necessary information and details about the insurance. And that’s how you get your car insurance!
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