Thursday, February 19, 2015

Can I attend Salsa Classes while living in Saudi Arabia?

So everyone would love to spend their free time having fun? Living in Saudi Arabia doesn’t mean that the person won’t have right to have a good time and enjoyment. Especially women who sit back at home, doing household work all the time and can’t leave their house for work or anything without a male patron, they can find ways and activities like these or visit some center to have a good time pass together making new friends and keeping themselves fit. Because living in Saudi Arabia with loads of restrictions might deprive the population from fun, music and enjoyment, Salsa classes like these are justified. Some of them might feel this is creepy but on the other hand it’s not that wrong too. It gives a break from the hectic lifestyle and everyday busy schedule

Salsa is an American Latin dance with punches of jazz and rock music. It attracts people and one would love to learn it. It is assumed that there are numerous private dance teaching classes being held in the Kingdom and the locals enjoy it. One can also join the Salsa classes as a fitness plan. Not only Saudis but also the expats can look forward to it and enroll in these dance classes. They would love to enjoy for freshen themselves up in an unknown state.

There might be a negative impact on minds of few of the people stating that dancing and stuff like this in an Islamic, gender segregated Kingdom is not justified. They raise their voice against it that one should abide by Islamic laws and avoid such things sort of activities involving both men and women. This is not appreciated by few Saudis whereas others find ways and classes to attend privately.

There are a number of places discussed on various forums where such classes are held.  There are no proper dance studios but these are held in various compounds within the Kingdom. Some classes are also arranged in female gyms for purely females. For example there are classes held on Fridays for 2 hours from 3 pm to 5 pm on Al-Nakheel Compound teaching various sort of dance styles.  There is a salsa club in Jeddah and also some underground salsa classes. Classes are also held in Arabian House Compound and a guy named Al Fonso also gives professional salsa dance classes but is said to move to Dammam recently. The rate for such class is around 20 to 25 Saudi riyals.

Fal compound in Riyadh is also one of those places where these salsa classes are held. It is a beautiful location, which is sort of a resort were people join in from various backgrounds and with mixed men women gathering. This environment is best for the expats.  It is said that in classes held in Fal compound, there is nationality restrictions because there are some western expats who restrict Saudi participation and so vice versa. People here are successful enough to find out fun ways to live their lives without boredom.
Disclaimer: It is important to mention here that source of information of these classes is Internet. I have not experienced anyone of them.

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