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Saudi Man died Saving an American Child – Real Hero

17th April 2011: How thoughtful is it for people to give up their own life for the sake of others? And it does not necessarily have to be army personnel. It could be anyone! But giving up your own life and leaving behind your loved ones alone in this world just so some other person could live their life happily and peacefully, is a great gesture and such people shall be remembered always. They are nothing less than heroes in fact; these people are the real super heroes who do something in real for the benefit of others. Read on as I tell you about a hero who passed away while saving an American child.  There were several people who attended Mashari Abdul Mohsen Al-Siraihi’s funeral on a Monday.

This man was just 21 years old at the time of giving his soul away by sinking in a lake in Ohio, just to save an American child. Al Siraihi was a 1990’s born and was pursuing his electrical engineering degree from the University of Akron. His departed body arrived at the airport, one day before his funeral. Not just Al Siraihi, but his friend George Rareshied III also passed away in this tragic accident. He was 46 years old, more like a man who belonged from the Township Lake. Although everyone in Saudi Arabia was very disheartened by this heartbreaking incident and that a Saudi man had lost his life, they also appreciated his bravery and labeled him as the real super hero who did something for the mankind!

People stated to the Arab News of how heroic this act was and that the Americans should take note of this and understand that Saudi Arabian’s a very warm hearted people who do not believe in doing wrong and have ethical values in them. Moreover, they said how generous this is of the entire Muslim community that they do not help anyone based on their caste, color or religion. Relatives of Mashari expressed their sadness but also appreciated Mashari’s courage to save a child from another caste. They said this portrays how people in Islam have always given up their lives to save another person and that these are the true heroes.

An uncle of Mashari who bought the dead body back to Jeddah told how the boat in which Mashari, his friend and the 13 year old child were sailing in a long boat had flipped due to terrible weather conditions and later, after Mashari had saved the child, he went back in the water to save his friend but sadly he himself passed away. Rescuers searched for about 20 hours after which they saw the dead body on the shore.  As the body arrived at the airport, Mashari’s relatives shed their tears but also kept saying how he died a heroic death and how this is the true color of humanity where one does not worry about himself only, but about the mankind as well. Hats off to this hero, may he rest in peace.

Source: Arab News

The above content was initially published on Susie of Arabia

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