Saturday, February 28, 2015

Students Shredded Books and Torn Papers to welcome vacation

Reading an article in the Arab News surprised me to a great extent. That article was all about boys in Saudi Arabian schools who caused trouble by throwing dirty and mischievous pranks. These students were asked questions in an interview and what is saddening is the fact that none of them felt ashamed of their act. They were completely okay with their names being published in the newspaper which was to be read by a lot of people. It is disheartening to see how the students thought their act was normal and not disrespectful and how they felt honored by doing things like ruining school books or to cause harm to the faculty’s vehicles.

Below are some of the extracts, of kids being interviewed, from the article;
Mohammed Omar, a student of a private school states how great he feels to scrap the school books into pieces as this indicates the end of stress caused by studying and no one would have to lock themselves up in rooms again to study.
We put sugar inside the engine of the car of teachers so that they have to get the entire car system changed along with vinegar sprinkled on the car windows as it can be broken easily after a while by throwing pebbles on them. We also throw eggs on the cars to make it look filthy and so the teachers would have to get it repainted, says Tariq Jihad, a student from a private school.

What is more shocking is the fact that the teachers and supervisors take no action against such children. Read below as to what a school supervisor had to say about this. Khalid Al-Jehani who is a school supervisor says how all the faculty staff expect this kind of behavior by kids every year and they inform the kids that no one except the cleaners suffer as they are the ones who have to tidy up all the filth.

This kind of attitude by the supervisors and school management ticks me off. How can you not take a strict action against such wild kids even after knowing that they do something like this EVERY year? It is either the height of carelessness or the height of being ignorant. Considering how such students study in your school, the school management should punish them by suspending them for a month of by even threatening to expel them. Parents should also be called in the office to make them aware of their children’s absurd behavior which is just not acceptable. Teachers and professors have always been of less value and what makes the case worse is that some of these faculty members are also threatened and are never respected by the students.

All I am worried about is that kids like these just represent their family and how their parents have raised them and if they have been raised THIS way, it is extremely disheartening! Parents should take a notice of this and so should the school management. Hopefully these children will learn some manners and ethics!
Source: Arab News

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