Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tattoos, Islam and Saudi Arabia

In many other reads and articles that I have written, I've been keeping the focus towards the things that will eventually be a good way to enlighten the people about the things which are accepted and not accepted in the fold of Islam and Saudi Arabia. In an article where I stated that getting your facial hair removed is not accepted since it means you are changing your body and your face, similar to that by getting your eye brows made. Today's read will focus more on the actual things that are considered straight Haram in Islam i.e. Tattoos.

At many times when I visited countries outside of the Muslim States, it was extremely common for me to spot people having small or big tattoos on either part of their body. That didn't surprise me much but at many incidents I found that many Muslims had tattoos over their body which made me question whether having tattoos in accepted in Islam or not. Personally, I am not in favor of any of those people who get themselves pierced with needles to get transformed. I find it without any purpose. What could one attain by getting different designs permanently carved on his or her skin? Absolutely nothing just pain and may be regrets when he or she will turn old.

There are a lot of things that one must take into consideration whether Muslim or Non-Muslim who wish to get a tattoo on their body that firstly it will remain permanent. There are many youngsters who in love will get tattoos carved on their body of the first name of their girl or boyfriend. In a while they won't remember one another but the tattoo will keep reminding them. Other than that like I mentioned earlier it takes a whole lot of pain and well you will have to bear it. For Muslims since it is Haram we don't have a question, we have to abide by what we are told.

Though one place where I probably think we may not know whether getting a tattoo is allowed or not is during surgery. In breast cancer surgery when the breast is replaced or remodeled or reshaped it involves a second step surgery which is optional where a nipple of areola can be made but that involves darkening of the skin which would be done by tattooing. Thus it is not allowed. If you do however wish to carry on with the complete surgery keep in mind that you knew about the consequences and relatively that Islam does not support it, you will not be forgiven. The choice is after all yours, though I would say that Tattooing doesn't bring any good.

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