Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Terrible Customer Service of Jarir Bookstore

Customer service is known as the help and assistance provided by a company to their customers or clients who use its products or services. Every business nowadays, has a separate customer service department set up and great value is enforced upon this department as a customer should never be unhappy or dissatisfied. Having said that, I came across a bookstore known as Jarrir book store and I can’t put into words how awful their customer service is.

I placed an order for 200 holders to this store along with a delivery deadline as I needed them on a specific time. When the delivery day arrived, I got absolutely no call from the book store. Getting worried and stressing like crazy, I called the book store to complain about my problem to which, the supervisor called me back and promised he would look into my matter and let me know about the order, as soon as he would get to know something about it. However, after no response, I called him again and after a much heated argument, he very conveniently told me how apologetic he is for this mishap and that may God help him sell off all the things that had been ordered already.

He then called to inform me that I would receive my entire order, the next day, no later than 5.30 pm. Then I get a call from him again, the next morning, saying how I will receive ONLY 45 pieces by 11.45 am and the rest 155 pieces at 9 pm. To be honest, this put me off! How can someone be irresponsible to THIS extent? When you are running a business, you have to make sure you give a deadline which is possible for you or else you don’t! Oh how I wish this book store would learn a few business ethics and not make their clients unhappy, next time!

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