Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The “Protection against Abuse” Law?

Not a while long ago the King of Saudi Arabia, Shah Abdullah had been replaced by his step brother King Salman after his death. For many people they have lost the king of hearts but for many the new king will bring in changes and revolution to the current laws. One of the laws that are believed to need much more implying is the “Protection against Abuse” law that was introduced in August 2014. By the title given to this law it seems to provide some sort of protection for those who wish to carry on their lives with confidence.

This Law particularly provides the basis of serving protection against sexual harassment, domestic violence and harassment and abuse to the minors whether in a workplace or whether it is done to the children. This law is thought to serve much of the work force on the wonders of providing protection and will somehow serve to boost the confidence of those women in the work place that have to always bear the sexual harassment by either a male co-worker or an employee of the firm at a much higher designation. In countries like Saudi Arabia women have never worked as they worked years from now. Though now the country to begin to transform on some areas and trying to overcome their weaknesses and making it adjustable for the all the people of its Kingdom, mainly the women. These flexible laws however will ensure that women are comfortable in whatever work place they are in.

We may often think that countries like the United States of America and other free countries would considerably be free from all such violence. Though when polls were conducted it came up to show that nearly 13% of the women were harassed by an employee working at a higher designation, 19% were harassed by their coworkers. Despite the harassment only 30% of these reported the harassment. We may wonder why they aren’t brave enough to report the incident. After asking we were able to able to know that it was because they did not want to get their profile public, protection of the company’s image and most common answer was “Feared what PEOPLE might say”!

You would be surprised that this is a consensus from a free country where women are treated with equality and full freedom and liberty. What would the society be doing to the women from countries like Saudi Arabia? In such countries where the women have finally been permissible to work outside of their homes in proper offices? The Saudi women are brought and raised in an environment where they are not at all allowed to risk their family name and how they must always protect their image.

This law has given full liberty for extremely harsh penalties and punishments against people, societies, companies and work places where people, women and children are harassed or subjected to domestic violence. Though, it seems as yet that maybe the companies will not be applying any stricter laws to ensure the safety of the people. To solve this crisis the Ministry of Labor should review the reports and policies of all small and big companies within the Kingdom to ensure that the law is being applied and is working effectively nationwide!

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