Tuesday, February 17, 2015

5 Things to do when feeling bored in Saudi Arabia

Bored? Got nothing to do? You have got to keep reading this then. Boredom is usually defined as having lack of interest or no enthusiasm at all towards anything. Boredom is usually caught in schools and classes where children are seen sleeping and having no interest in studies. But hey! That’s just one part of boredom. Several studies suggest how boredom is mostly found in homes when children or adults have nothing to do or well, they don’t find anything useful to do. However, we have got perfect solutions to encounter boredom and lots of tips on how to get away with this in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Workout: It is a very famous thing that people suggest which is spending a few minutes on work out. It makes you active and your body seems less tired. Not only that, your mind becomes clear and less stressed. Doing a few pushups and jumping jacks would pump your body up. TIP: Do NOT forget to warm up! Or else you’ll end up with a really bad backache and leg pain.
  2. Baking: Cupcakes! Brownies! Cakes! Cake pops! Hungry now? Then get up and bake! Encounter your boredom and hunger by baking lots and lots of different desserts for yourself. Not only will that help you get rid of boredom but how can you not feel happy looking at those colorful icing and frostings of the cupcakes?! Don’t forget, you can bake a melting cheese pizza too. Yum! TIP: Be careful with the oven. You wouldn’t want your finger burnt now, do you?
  3. Part time job: Most countries in this world like the USA or UK are famous for providing young adults with several part time jobs like standing at the counter of McDonalds or filling petrol at the fuel stations. You are not allowed to perform this kind of Jobs in Saudi Arabia. But you can always give your neighbors’ kids tuitions and earn your pocket money through that. Boredom and empty wallet – it’s a solution for both!
  4. Finding your inner talent: Ever got a crazy idea of running your own business? I say go for it! Be it designing clothes, baking desserts, providing cooked food or making jewelry, nothing is more amazing than keeping yourself busy with what you love the most.  It won’t only kill boredom but will also allow you to experience more things in the field that appeals you!
  5. Writing or Reading: If you’re a book worm, you should start writing. It can be a book, a blog or poems! Nothing’s more beautiful than writing an inspirational book or a totally hilarious blog or even a very heart touching poem. Besides fun, it will be read by people and you might just inspire someone to write a book of their own.

So here were five different and fun ways that can reduce your boredom and help you a develop interest in a specific thing and the best part is, all these require absolutely no money and just a lot of free time! So try these out and enjoy!

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