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Top 10 Poorest countries of the World

What do you mean by a poor country? It’s just not in terms of money but it involves all the factors that make one’s life miserable. The basic necessities are lacking. Intense poverty, prevalence of malnourishment, unemployed youth, heavy crime rate, high death rate, too much diseases, low incomes so that people are unable to live their lives on a moderate standard, wars, illiteracy, and the country is in huge dept. In short everything that reduces the standards of living. This results in increased deaths widely and people then prefer to migrate to countries where they have better standards of living, at least they get the essentials of living. Poor countries are judged on the basis of GDP per capita. GDP means gross domestic product which is a widely used indicator for judging economy of the country. It’s basically the country’s output and the value of its goods. PPP, purchasing power parity is another indicator indicating purchase rates between countries and the difference. It basically involves the exchange rates. So ranked on the basis of GDP following are the top ten poorest countries where life is miserable. Saudi Arabia is among the top 10 richest countries of the world.

Top 10 Poorest countries of the World
10-Togo: With GDP below $899, lying on Africa’s west coast, is a very narrow strip of land, Togo. African countries are progressing with respect to economy but this one is the poorest with population of about 6.7 million. Half of its population lies below the international levels of poverty with U.S $1.25 a day. The main source of country’s economy is the agricultural industry. The raw materials exported include cocoa, cotton seeds and coffee. It is largest phosphate producer as well.
9- Guinea: GDP per capita is $991, lies in West Africa. The industries are underdeveloped with less than 30% of literacy rate. 20% of the population lives in extreme poverty after when it hit political, financial and governance crises with overall greater than 67% of poverty rate. The mode of economy is agricultural and farming but they couldn’t progress because the farmers are unaware of the modern ways, technology and techniques. Youth is hit by unemployment. Bauxite and alumina are among the exports, though the country is rich in diamond and gold yet still counts among the poorest countries.

8-Eritrea: This country is the 8th poorest country. With GDP per capita of about $1,197 and 6.5 million populations, it lies in Africa on red sea coast being the youngest independent country of Africa. It covers 126,700 sq km and its capital being Asmara. The country’s major export is Metal. The literacy rate is very low with 80% of people adopting farming as source of income. They suffer with droughts which are the main reason of them being poor.
7-Mozambique: Mozambique is the seventh poorest country, though the government took various steps to improve its economy but still it’s severely poor. The population lives on less than U.S $1.25 a day with GDP reaching $1,046. Lying in south east Africa its capital is Maputo with again agriculture as its main source of income. The rural communities are backward and not aware of the modern means of cultivation so they lack in it and can’t progress living poor lives. There had been series of calamities in the country due to which the environment was damaged and destroyed. There is prevalence of HIV and malnourishment as well.

6-Niger: With GDP $984, Niger is the 6th poorest country. It is located in West Africa in which 6 million people are facing shortage of food. Uranium is its main export but the country faces droughts often, the reason for its poverty. It has one of the lowest literacy rates, there are malnourished people dieing of hunger. Meningitis prevails in the country together with mosquito born malaria.
5- Liberia: This one’s also located in West Africa with GDP of $887. With population of 3.7million it is still struggling to survive after the 14 year long civil war. People are dying and killing each other in the country; it’s in a huge mess. There is no education and forced marriages, excess poverty and damaged country.

4-Burundi: GDP approaching $887, located in south east Africa has a population of 10,216,190. It is a land locked country with proliferating HIV, food shortage and financial crises. Agriculture is the major mode of economy and coffee, the major export.  Three years of drought, illiteracy and lack of socio economic infrastructure places it on 4th position.
3-Malawi: Inequality prevails in the region where education is prevalent among the non poor. The GDP is $748 with Farming and fishing usually adopted still unemployment ratio is incredibly high. Illness, injury, high food prices, limited means of transport for the rural population all contribute towards its poverty. Money is wasted by the government and services provided mainly to the rich ones. Health workers are working hard to decrease the death rates and increase awareness.

2-Democratic Republic of the Congo: The civil war had a very sever effect on the economy because of which it has devastated infrastructure. There are countless crimes in the country, corruption and lacking human rights. People here mistreat women and there is lack of food and shelter. Low agriculture productivity, access and transport is not at all easy, fail communication system, and decreased country outputs are the major faults dropping GDP to $665. The country has rich mineral resources for example cobalt, diamond, copper but not able to use or exploit it well.
1-Central African Republic: With GDP of $604 the country is at the top among the poorest countries. It is in central Africa and landlocked. 90% of the population is facing immense poverty; civil war and corruption are the reasons it failed to progress economically. It again depends on the agricultural productivity but due to its lack in technology and modern methods it is lacking. There are food, sanitation and housing issues together with prevalence of numerous diseases and high death rates from HIV. Diamonds are the chief export.

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