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Top 5 Places to Buy Video Games in Riyadh

Games are craze of majority of people especially men. Gamers find it difficult to reside or stay at a place where there is no availability of latest and updated versions of games. But don’t worry you people residing in Riyadh. There are lots of shops and places where you can buy games of your choice. Expats can enjoy games on even more discounted rates as tax rates don’t apply on gaming stuff (CDs and DVDs). After visiting so many shops and malls I have come to know about few most wanted places for gamers. Here is a list of places in Riyadh where you can find your heartily desired game DVDs.

Jarir Bookstore: This shop offers a wide range of games, devices and accessories for game lovers. It is wholly a shop allocated for latest games and gadgets. They offer games for all kind of gadgets like play station, Nintendo, Pc games, Wii and XBOX. You can get latest and old all version and editions DVDs of games in that shop. Besides game DVDs they offer a diversified collection of Razer products. But yeah they charge a bit extra as compare to other game stores.

Computer House: The second very famous and economical place is computer house. It is located in Olaya and offers all kind of games for all sort of gadgets. They are the oldest dealers of gaming accessories in KSA. This shop chain has 2 branches in Riyadh and seven more across Jeddah, Dammam, Dubai and other states. They entertain your pre order purchases and offer you steam card. The staff is very friendly and cooperative and help you to get best gaming collection you ever had. They also offer the world famous brand of games called Astro.
The contact details of this store are
P.O. Box 51151 Riyadh 11543
Tel (Olaya Branch) 464-4125
 (Sahara Branch) 452-0287
(Granada Branch) 253-4920

Tokyo Games: At number three, Tokyo games is most recommended. They will keep on updating through your email ID. You can place order before purchase and they can import your desired versions of games. They are one of best retailers in gaming devices and gadgets. This shop has five branches in Riyadh and in Jeddah they have eight outlets of gaming accessories.
The contact details of this shop is as follows
Tel (Olaya Branch) 293-3940
(Sulaimaniya Branch) 463-3274
(Rawda Branch) 248-1446
(Takhasusi Street) 217-1510
(Rabwa Center) 473-6946

Nintendo 3DS: This shop is just for Nintendo lovers who can enjoy all editions and versions of Nintendo games. This is solely for Nintendo games hence is named over it. These stores offer all kind of Nintendo consoles and accessories.
Nintendo 3DS
Plaza Level, Faisaliah Center, Olaya
Twitter @nintendomiddlee
Modded video games  

Beside these stores and gaming outlets, there are so many stores which offer new and second hand games accessories. They deal in all kind of gaming series and editions and facilitate gamers at their best. You can visit these retailer store at Electro building and at the Five building Area in Riyadh. They also can facilitate you to forward you gaming lists through your mailing address. There are five major stores in Riyadh which deal in games and related accessories. They also offer online purchasing services for valued customers. One can put orders by having prepaid XBOX cards. It will keep you satisfied regarding your game collection Visit any of these stores and enjoy your favorite gaming collection. After all life is worth celebrating.

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