Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top 4 Signs that you are in Saudi Domestic Flight

Ever wondered about the possibilities of travelling through domestic flights inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Have you, or have you not? Living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia takes a lot more of time than patience. If you can actually master these two things without any difficulty, your time spent in Saudi Arabia won’t be that bad after all. If you’re really lucky, it won’t be bad at all! During my first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia I had come across many things that were not shocking, surprising and very new. It took me a while to actually grasp whatever that was going around me.  Today’s read is going to let you guys know exactly the things that I noticed and came across on my first domestic flight that I had attended. I was travelling from Riyadh to Jeddah for a business assignment. Just to make things a whole lot easier to spot at the airport and during your flight, here is a special list compiled for you readers! Hope you don’t freak yourself out when you’re actually more in sight with them.

  1. ATM’S WITHOUT THE CASH: One thing that I have never, ever found at other airports from most of the countries are these somewhat like ATM’s that do not give out cash but instead print you your boarding passes. These are the self-service Kiosks that save you the trouble of standing and waiting in a queue. Simply punch in your e-ticket number and check whether your entry details are correct. Print your ticket and proceed to either drop your luggage at the drop counter or move to the flight immediately. Though make sure you do remember not to select a seat since it won’t work. The reason I understood after boarding the plane that I’ll be covering as you read on.
  2. MEN IN WHITE: At the airport, if you spot more and more men dressed in white do not be surprised and resent staring at them. These men are the pilgrims that are travelling to Mecca to perform Umrah that is done throughout the year by people according to any time that they get the chance to. These pilgrims will be dressed in white cloaks that are called “Ihrams”.
  3. NO SEAT IS YOUR SEAT: This somehow really pissed me off and made me begin to hate my flight and fellow passengers but soon after I landed I genuinely understood why you can’t call any seat, your seat. Since segregation is a very important factor no matter what you do you may be frequently asked during one flight to swap seats.
  4. MEANIES ON BOARD: Many people on board will not follow orders and think that the plane belongs to them and them only. Such things you’ll either have to fight for learn to ignore. This also includes children who cry for no reason for hours. Make sure you get yourself headphones to ignore all of this!
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