Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Top 6 Benefits of Living in Saudi Arabia

When you hear about someone moving to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia deep down in your heart you will eventually pity them. You will think about the reasons as to why would they want to put their freedom at risk especially if they are women. Despite people who are now living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are used to much of the law, the rules and regulations, the heat and everything that comes about with it. Though what many people fail to realize is that with every place or thing that has disadvantages there are advantages as well. Today’s read will do just that and enlighten the minds of the misguided fellows from around the world, who even before stepping into the Kingdom have made their mind set against it.

One of the very few reasons that actually makes me love the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on the few certain factors that make your life extremely easy and even if you don’t earn much, considering to be an expatriate, this city will have ways for you to save as much as possible. You can eventually have it all without losing it all! Pretty cool, don’t you think? It sure is. If you ask someone for outside of Saudi Arabia they would generally describe the place as something that is still like the 1450’s, with people in robes and travelling through the desert under the scorching sun and their only companion is their camel. Like the good old tales about how the people quench for thirst and can only see a mirage of a lake with cold water and shelter, now the tables have turned. You will not only find everything you need but also enjoy the life of a king without actually being one-or maybe a prince.

  1. SALES, SALES AND MORE SALES: Once in the Kingdom you will eventually begin to love the idea of the nation being absolutely tax free. This way you can make purchases without totally emptying your pockets. Apart from that you will also eventually get used to the sales that go on round the year either in the form of winter sales, summer sales, and mid-year sales and so on. You can ideally shop for your whole family without spending much.
  2. AIR CONDITIONERS EVERY WHERE: Despite the hot climate throughout the whole year with minimum temperature of 40 degrees during the summer, all buildings and vehicles will obviously have air conditioners working 24/7!
  3. WHAT BILLS? Here you will generally forget that you have bills to pay since electricity, gas and water are so cheap! If you are an expatriate paying bills is the least of your worries since all of it is taken care of the company you work for. We have published a detailed article about cost of living in Saudi Arabia.
  4. LARGE PORTIONS OF FOOD!: For the food cravers, Riyadh and other cities will offer the largest meals that can serve up to two people.
  5. TRAVEL IS FASTER: Travelling has become very cheap and fast and you can carry on with all you want within hours!
  6. Makkah and Madina: If you are Muslim, you can easily go to Makkah and Madina at whatever time you want. Especially if you are living in Jeddah, it becomes very easy. Makkah is just on a drive of 80Km from Jeddah and Madina is also not too far.

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